Attendance On Demand

It’s about time.

Time-and-Attendance tracking is difficult, slow, and faulty with most School Labor-Management software. But with paper? It’s practically impossible.

The problem with handling K-12 Labor-Management without the right software is that it:

  • Forces manual entry of timesheet calculations for Payroll, causing data-entry errors, lost or outdated documentation, and wasted Time.
  • Complicates pay calculations for complex pay structures like blended overtime (OT).
  • Hinders compliance efforts for Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations.
  • Restricts your ability to look back and glean important insights.
If any of these struggles sound familiar to you, then it’s about time you make a change.

The School Labor-Management Software You Need

Spend more time managing and less time laboring.

Attendance On Demand (AOD) is a cloud-based Time-and-Attendance tracking software for secure, cost-effective Labor Management in schools and school districts.

With this highly organized, straightforward tool, you’ll be able to:
  • time-clock-technologyAutomate and seamlessly integrate with even the most complex HR and Pay policies.
  • Confidently manage in real time your employees’ service hours and overtime with flexible, centralized control.
  • Simplify your tracking with electronic time clocks and mobile apps.
  • Conveniently save time with the Employee Self-Service module.
  • Thoroughly review and intelligently approve/correct using quick employee time reports.
  • Easily schedule employees and manage overtime with side-by-side comparisons, look-back capabilities, and status recommendations.
  • Accurately perform regulatory wage audits.

PLUS: The entire system can be implemented smoothly, learned quickly, and used easily.

So get the convenient Time-and-Attendance solution you need for your School Labor Management.

I’m ready to save time and make better scheduling decisions.Get AOD


Primary Features

Attendance On Demand gives you an array of convenient features, including:

  • Real-time access to employee timesheets.
  • Management of district-wide employee Scheduling and Attendance.
  • Standard and custom reporting by user profile.
  • Integration with third-party financial systems, as well as with Harris products such as: AptaFund, NextGen, SmartFusion.

Time-Clock Technology

Choose from a range of high-tech, configurable time-clock options that reduce the time and cost of data collection, including:

  • Biometric Hand Readers
  • Badge Readers
  • Online Time Sheets
  • Telephone Punch System
  • Mobile App/Device Punch System

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