By your CTE program’s side, no matter the classroom.

Does your CTE data management system struggle to meet the needs of your technical school, Adult/Continuing Education program, or Alternative Education class?

You’re not alone.

The problem with most student data systems is that they were built for “traditional” school classrooms and students, rather than for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

So your student administration management software solution may be failing you by:

  • Complicating the process for sharing data with multiple school districts.
  • Hindering your ability to measure CTE completers for Perkins compliance.
  • Not providing course-review options to guide trainees down the best path.
  • Confusing students about the steps in the training process, making it unclear how to navigate the path toward completing the program.
  • Making it difficult or impossible to plan, track, evaluate, and manage student progress, practical skills, and knowledge-based activities in technical competencies.
  • Offering little or no help with guiding and ensuring job placement.

Despite a strong effort and a genuine desire to succeed, many students and trainees struggle because of these challenges associated with using the wrong software.

But we understand your need for competency tracking and work-ethics grading, for career pathways and work-based learning. We know why industry credentials and 21st-century skills are critical for today’s students.

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to help your students and trainees overcome all of these hurdles in order to complete your program and achieve success.

It’s why we’ve created ClassMate.

Ready to improve your specialized-student success rate?Get ClassMate

Get ClassMate

The Right CTE Student Data Management Software

ClassMate is the Student Administration and Data Management software solution designed and built exclusively for specialized educational environments.

Whether you’re teaching Career and Technical Education (CTE), Alternative Education, Adult Education, or Special Education, ClassMate will help you prepare your students for post-secondary placement or direct entry into today’s workforce.

With ClassMate, you finally will be able to:

  • classmate_02Simplify data sharing between your CTE program and multiple school districts.
  • Easily measure CTE completers and calculate completion status based on CTE programs of study in order to meet Perkins compliance regulations.
  • Save time and improve success rates by enabling your students to review available courses and sign up to study the most applicable programs for their individual needs.
  • Conveniently organize the training process, manage course curriculum, and track student progress for better results.
  • Track technical competencies, which leads to proficiency at completing industry certifications and improved ability to obtain gainful employment.
  • Follow up with students after they graduate in order to guide them in securing employment or a post-secondary education.
  • Enable students to build online career portfolios that can be shared with prospective employers.
  • Sort through local employers, link students to them, and maintain work schedules so that students can gain real-world experience in the career pathways of their choice.
  • Generate training plans directly from the software to create a clear set of on-the-job tasks for each student to complete.
  • View work performance evaluations directly from employers.

ClassMate supports you as you train students for the high-skill, high-wage, high-demand jobs of today. While you make them college- and career-ready, ClassMate will track the data to help tell the story of how your students succeed.

So get the specialized tool that your specialized program needs today.

Key Functionality

  • Centralize all your student data.
  • Integrate flexible scheduling blocks.
  • Record & monitor attendance & certification hours.
  • Map curriculum to career pathways.
  • Promote standardization & accountability.
  • Facilitate Perkins Funding regulation compliance.
  • Increase faculty and staff productivity.
  • Improve workflow efficiency with online registration, course tuition, and district billing.



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