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Did you know that high school seniors outnumber school counselors by, on average, 350 to 1?

That disparity forces school counselors to work with hundreds of students individually and push the process for each one of them. As a result, the college admissions process for most students is complicated, lonely, and downright intimidating.

To make matters worse, current college selection solutions fall short by:

  • Struggling to send files, like transcripts, letters of recommendation, and more.
  • Ignoring the unique needs of serious students and student athletes seeking to play at the next level.
  • Failing to help students decide and focus on what they really want to do after high school.
  • Neglecting students who need options other than a formal two- or four-year college.
  • Suffering from low adoption rates among students.
The result is that even for students who do end up getting into college:
  • Only 50% graduate
  • And 95% miss out on financial aid
  • Leaving 71% of those who do graduate saddled with debt.

That’s why it’s so important for your students to take advantage of College Select and the complete set of helpful tools it offers.

College Admission Help for the Entire Process

College Select is the comprehensive college admissions software that changes the way you approach the search for and application to postsecondary schools.

This revolutionary new solution for finding the right school and getting accepted turns the entire process on its head by:

  • Empowering students to drive the search and application processes.
  • Enabling users to send transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other files easily.
  • Providing tools designed specifically for coaches and student athletes to sort through and connect to college athletic programs.
  • Freeing up school counselors to supervise and assign structured action plans.
  • Matching students with over 7,400 colleges and the available scholarship opportunities for each.
  • Including options for students seeking to attend trade or technical programs.
So get the tool you need to successfully navigate the college admissions process today!

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Who Benefits


Calling your connections at those area schools is a great start, but now you can guide even more of your student athletes to successful college careers.

College Select enables you to search through and contact over 25,000 college coaches, giving your players a leg up when it comes to playing at the next level.

School Counselors

Simply put: you’ll be able to guide more students, more effectively, which will leave you with the time you need to handle the rest of your daily work (e.g. behavioral issues and more).


It’s your future; now you can take control of it and find the school that fits you best. Plus, College Select helps you determine the major that’s best for you. In turn, you’ll increase your odds of long-term success.


Find Scholarships


Search Schools




Wondering how you’re going to pay for your child’s postsecondary education? You’re not alone. A staggering 89% of parents say they haven’t saved enough for college.

College Select removes the confusion from finding and applying for financial aid. We simplify and illuminate the personalized path you need to take to get the money you deserve for your daughter’s or son’s education.

College Administrators

Ready to simplify and improve your admissions process? College Select organizes applicants and lets you see detailed information about each student to help you make the best possible decisions. You’ll get to know each applicant better and more quickly than traditional acceptance processes.

Key Features

  • Assessment tool for determining a major
  • Search feature sorts schools by major, GPA, test scores, distance from your house, and more
  • Personalized email account for organizing communication
  • Individualized student website building to highlight your unique profile
  • One-click application to multiple schools at once
  • Collaborative communication channels for added efficiency
  • Essay development module
  • Financial-aid matching feature
  • Loan search-and-apply help
Collaborate with Students and Colleges


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