When money moves faster, lunch lines do, too.

Is your district’s payment process slowing down your entire School Nutrition program?

Most School Nutrition payment processes fall short by:

  • Lacking security, often relying on cash transactions that put parents’ and districts’ money at risk from mishandling or inaccuracies along the way.
  • Wasting time, both at the Point-of-Sale (P.O.S.) and also in getting the money from parent to student to cashier to district.
  • Failing to integrate with other district Accounting systems, creating yet another step for data transfer which, in turn, causes entry errors.
  • Inconveniencing parents by forcing them to track money on their own, remember to make daily payments, and keep cash on hand, or else risk a negative balance in their child’s account.
  • Neglecting critical Support when your busy Nutrition program team needs it most.
All of these problems must make you think, “There has to be a better way.”

There is — it’s called EZSchoolPay.

Ready to improve the way your Nutrition program handles payments?Get EZSchoolPay

Get EZSchoolPay

Better Payment Processing for Your School Nutrition Program

EZSchoolPay is the payment-processing software that revolutionizes the way parents and students pay, School Nutrition team members collect, and school district administrators account for and manage money.

With EZSchoolPay, you finally will be able to:

  • Feel confident knowing all payments and accounting are secure and accurate by reducing cash handling and routing payments directly from the parents’ accounts to your district’s bank account.
  • Save time with a convenient and quick system that processes and delivers all funds within 24 hours.
  • Speed up your lunch line by replacing crumpled-up dollar bills and loose change with speedy click-and-go payments.
  • Integrate all your data, including transactions, analytics, and more, into your Student Information and School Financial software systems.
  • Incorporate parents’ needs by letting them easily add money to accounts (through the app or online, immediately and at any time), set up recurring automatic payments, receive low-account-balance alerts, and more, all of which helps to remove the word “forget” from the process altogether.
  • Get the answers you need, when you need them, with industry-leading proactive Support that features live representatives answering phones in real-time, free regional training sessions, regular User Group meetings, and more.

Plus, EZSchoolPay isn’t just for School Lunch transactions.

This comprehensive tool also handles payments for yearbooks, school apparel, and any other dues or fees you collect!



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District Benefits

EZSchoolPay lets your school district’s Nutrition program:
  • Reduce or eliminate cash handling to speed up serving lines and lower labor costs.
  • Receive meal payments directly into the cafeteria Point-of-Sale (P.O.S.) system.
  • Route funds directly into your district bank account within 24 hours.
  • Protect parents’ card information with the most sophisticated security available: 256-bit, PCI-compliant digital encryption.
  • Minimize negative account balances through automated low-balance notifications to parents.
  • Easily report on transactions with a complete set of tools available for school and district administrators.
  • Automatically direct online payments and parent convenience fees to your district’s bank account.
  • Determine and set payment types, descriptions, and rules.
  • Fully integrate payment processing with eTrition®, MealTracker®,CafeConnect®, Lunch Express®, go.edustar®, and ADM® solutions.

Parent/Student Benefits

EZSchoolPay also lets parents and students:
  • Add funds securely, conveniently, and directly into student meal accounts at any time.
  • Set automated alert notifications for when the account balance drops below a certain amount.
  • View student meal transactions and account balances.
  • Use the payment app on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Make other school-related payments, including:
    • Enrollment fees
    • Activity fees
    • Library fines
    • Camps and field trips
    • Student store items
    • And more
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