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Power teacher development with proven methods.

Are your teacher observations and assessments leading to real teacher improvement?

If you’re not seeing active professional development from your teachers (which is the point of all your efforts, after all), then you may be using the wrong system to assess, guide, and motivate teachers in your school or district.

The problem with most teacher assessment software systems is that they:
  • Don’t base their methods, rubrics, or action plans, on tested-and-proven research.
  • Confine forms to pre-built templates, limiting your ability to observe and provide valuable coaching feedback on unique “look-fors” and initiatives that are specific to your teachers’ needs.
  • Complicate reports on summative progress, making it difficult to pinpoint areas where development is needed.

Teacher assessment tools like these hinder teacher effectiveness and, as a result, student achievement suffers.

Fortunately, as an instructional coach, teacher mentor, or school leader, you can help improve teachers’ instruction by improving the way you observe, coach, and support them.

It all starts with McREL’s Power Walkthrough.

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Not Your Standard “Teacher Grader” Tool

McREL Power Walkthrough is the research-based classroom observation software designed to quickly and effectively gather classroom data and provide instant and formative feedback to teachers to inform practice and bolster their strengths in the classroom.


With McREL Power Walkthrough, you can improve instruction by:

  • Basing teacher development action plans on trusted, proven strategies from McREL’s popular books, Classroom Instruction that Works and Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works.
  • Saving time with a system designed to turn a five-minute observation into an accurate, detailed, and measurable assessment from which to learn, take action, and grow professionally.
  • Tailoring your observations and coaching to your unique teachers with customizable form templates based on research and proven methods.
  • Organizing your efforts with a comprehensive system for gathering, storing, and using data effectively to help your teachers reach their full professional potential, all in a single, easy-to-use dashboard with detailed reports from which you will glean powerful insights.

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Key Features

  • Intuitive dashboard for simple navigation
  • Research-based templates
  • Online and offline-mobile-app options
  • Detailed summative reporting
  • McREL EmpowerED Suite integration (including Coaching, Reflection, and Survey applications)

Top Functions

  • Easily share reports for collaboration.
  • Get straight to the data you care about with flexible, drill-down search.
  •  Create easy-to-read charts and graphs in your reports to show:
    • Which instructional strategies teachers are using.
    • The ways teachers/students are using classroom technology to teach/learn.
    • How well students understand their own learning goals.

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