Your school is changing. Can your ERP keep up?

Does it feel like your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is outdated, slow, and inefficient at handling the unique financial demands of your K-12 school district?

That’s because most K-12 Enterprise Resource Planning solutions:

  • Lack automated processes.
  • Rely on inefficient paper forms.
  • Provide insufficient Training and Support.

In truth, you may as well be using an abacus to manage your K-12 school district’s finances.

If only you had a powerful software that was built specifically to bring your Enterprise Resource Planning into the 21st century.

That’s where NextGen comes in.

Accounting for your school’s Financial future takes NexGen software.

NextGen is a fully integrated suite of fund-accounting and business-management modules that:
  • Automates everything you do, from Accounting to HR and more.
  • Integrates all data in real time across each of its six modules.
  • Comes backed by the most thorough Training and proactive Support available anywhere.

With NextGen’s six modules working together as one, you finally will be able to:

  • Feel confident knowing you can effortlessly manage the entire budget process, create “what-if” scenarios, and store unlimited historical data.
  • Make smarter financial decisions by collecting, tracking, and using your data more effectively.
  • Save time by quickly and accurately integrating data with HR and your Central Office.
  • Secure sensitive payroll information without complicating access, reporting, or sharing for HR and Benefits.
  • Optimize and track your purchase orders with remote requisition entry and simplified approval processes.

So get the powerful solution you need for your district’s financial accounting today.

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Featured Modules

NextGen lets you store, access, move, and share any of your financial data and information securely, quickly, and accurately across six perfectly integrated modules, including:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Asset
  • Local School Accounting
  • Purchase Order
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll

Employee Self Service (ESS)

The agile NextGen Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is designed to work hand-in-hand with the optional Employee Self Service (ESS) platform and make your work easier by:

  • Integrating accounting seamlessly with HR and your central office.
  • Automatically updating your data across all connected departments in real time.
  • Reducing call volume to your business office by empowering your employees with access to make their own adjustments and handle their own payroll inquiries.

Product Specs

Accounts Payable

  • Enter vendor invoices
  • Track the status of payables
  • Generate checks and reports
  • Maintain vendor information
  • Create an approval process
  • Maintain vendor/payable history

Fixed Assets

  • Maintain countless asset records
  • Track by: Cost center, location, department and individual rooms.
  • See detailed asset information, including: Description, bar code number, serial number and quantity.
  • Use the hand-held scanner upgrade to effectively assist in data collection
  • Export information easily to Windows products


  • Securely share data within the open database architecture.
  • Easily distribute to multiple General Ledger accounts and jobs.
  • Organize information within comprehensive report library
  • Access granular insights with advanced drill-down queries

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