School Rush!

The environment you need for the results you envision.

Are your K-12 students, parents, teachers, and administrators on the same page? Are they all working toward the same Education goals, together?

If it feels like each group within your district is working alone, in a bubble, then your current student administrative solution probably:
  • Makes it inconvenient for parents to get involved without real-time communication.
  • Wastes time attempting district-wide mass updates with paper, phone chains, or emails.
  • Complicates scheduling by using multiple calendars with no central control.
  • Lacks the necessary security for keeping sensitive student information safe.
  • Slows the dissemination of urgent, need-to-know updates by relying on manual, laborious emails sent one at a time.
  • Leaves you in the dark with little feedback about what’s working and what’s not.
  • Restricts you to an inconvenient desktop computer.

With barriers like these, engagement suffers, cooperation fails, and goals go unrealized.

Fortunately, there’s a way for your K-12 school district to overcome these obstacles.
It’s called School Rush!.

Ready to build an Education community?Get School Rush!

Get School Rush!

School Community-Building Software That Makes a Difference

school_rush_01School Rush! is the real-time, classroom-level communication app that lets you:

  • Increase parent engagement up to 90% through sheer convenience, which boosts students’ grades, test scores, and graduation rates.
  • Enhance teacher abilities with classroom-level sharing directly to all parents, all at once.
  • Analyze concrete metadata and adapt to what parents are interacting with the most.
  • Organize efforts with centralized control over a shared, single calendar.
  • Update from anywhere, directly from the cloud or, for parents and staff, from a convenient smart phone app.
  • Save time with efficient, real-time digital communication.
  • Rest assured knowing all communications are secure.
  • Bolster your emergency alert system with speed and reach.
  • Make a real difference with parents, students, teachers, and administrators all working together to achieve a shared Education goal.
School Alertsschool-rush-voice-alert-300px
Parent Calendarschool-rush-events-300px
Homework Assignmentsschool-rush-daily-planner-300px-2

Key Features

  • Homework Assignments: Push homework assignments and other important events to parents’ smartphone calendars.
  • Message Feed: Send classroom pictures, documents, and text messages.
  • Daily Planner: Give parents and teachers an instant, personalized view of current and upcoming events.
  • Notifications: Send voice, text, email, and app alerts from the school.
  • Student and Staff Directory: Provide parents access to contact info for teachers and, optionally, other parents.

Top Functions

  • Sync with Student Information Systems (SIS) in real time.
  • Make emergency calls and texts.
  • Share classroom pictures with parents securely.

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