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Don’t get outnumbered.

Are you struggling with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for a large K-12 school district?

The problem is that the software you’re using was designed for smaller schools.

It’s easy to tell if you’re using an undersized Enterprise Resource Planning software, because those solutions:

  • Get overwhelmed by bulk imports.
  • Create inadequate reports of large-scale data.
  • Restrict you to on-site, PC-only devices.
  • Lack sufficient security, leaving your all your information vulnerable.

Recognizing that your ERP software is outmatched is easy; fixing it isn’t.

Well, until now.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Large School Districts.

Terms 20/20 is the robust Enterprise Resource Planning software that’s designed and built to handle mass amounts of Financial data for K-12 school districts with more than 25,000 students.

With Terms 20/20, you will:

  • Take control of your processes by importing large amounts of data accurately and efficiently.
  • Stop worrying about compliance, thanks to built-in reporting designed to create detailed reports of large-scale data.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, on any device, directly from the cloud.
  • Have confidence that all your sensitive financial information is secure at all times.
  • Get your work done without “hiccups” because our hands-on Training and proactive Support are the best in this industry, bar none.

So don’t struggle any longer.

Get the Enterprise Resource Planning solution you need for your large school district’s financial future.

Ready to take control of your large-scale Financial data?Get Terms 20/20

Get Terms 20/20

Finance Features

The Terms 20/20 financial management suite provides:

  • Asset Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • User-Defined Reporting (UDR)
  • Encumbrance Management
  • Warehouse Order Entry
  • Travel-Reimbursement Processing and Distribution
  • Purchasing Budget Management
  • Grant Management
  • Bid Award
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Commitment Control
  • Accounts Receivable

Reporting Benefits

The benefits of reporting with TERMS 20/20 include:

  • Speed: enjoy paperless distribution of financial statements.
  • Insight: enable users to get the answers they need by drilling down in queries for detailed transaction information.
  • Intelligence: easily recognize organizational changes in reporting.
  • Convenience: import and export information for additional analysis.
  • Peace of mind: TERMS 20/20 closely monitors changes in federal regulations for you, making recommendations and providing solutions that facilitate compliance with standards boards, generally accepted accounting principles, and year-end tax form production.

Convenience Keys

  • Web-based time entry and approval to speed the processing of time and attendance.
  • Transaction initiation (e.g. for leave requests) to expedite processes and eliminate paperwork.
  • Remote access-and-approval facility for managers to approve employees’ vacation requests.
  • Includes a custom calendar showing employee time-off requests for a selected month.
  • Tracking of teachers’ Certification and Professional Development activities.
  • Survey option to allow the district to gather employee feedback or RSVP information.
  • Accessibility of policy manuals, calendars, and special notices in either PDF or HTML format, eliminating the cost of printing and distribution.
  • Customization of notification preferences, which can alert employees to key events when they occur (e.g. payroll posting, leave approval, low leave-balances, and certification expiration).

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