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8 Schools Around the World Add eWalk for Classroom Observations!

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Officials at eight separate schools around the world have recently chosen to implement and use eWalk for their classroom walkthrough needs.

eWalk is the observation-and-teacher-assessment software that not only makes school staff evaluations easier to perform, but also empowers teachers with meaningful, actionable insights.

These eight schools – the latest in a string of schools across the globe to implement eWalk – include:

  • Dickinson College – Brisbane, Australia
  • Grant County Schools – Petersburg, WV
  • Hapeville Charter Middle School and Career Academy – Hapeville, GA
  • Lake Marion High School and Technology Center – Santee, SC
  • Pimpama State School – North Pimpama, Australia
  • St. Finn Barr Catholic School – San Francisco, CA
  • Swink School District – Swink, CO
  • Trinity Area School District – Washington, PA

In the end, it’s clear that regardless of where you and your school district are physically located, the power of eWalk translates into success!

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