Harris School Solutions

About Harris School Solutions

Harris School Solutions designs, develops, and creates software for the education sector. Our goal is to empower districts and schools with powerful software to meet their everyday needs.

We partner with our clients to create powerful, easy-to-use software solutions that meet their needs and expectations.


We invest at the state, regional, and district level to build solutions that meet highly-specialized needs and regulations.


Our teams are made up of seasoned subject matter experts — many with direct experience working in education and public finance management.


We stay by your side for as long as you use our products, providing hands-on training and proactive support.

Creating Positive Impacts for Educational Institutions across the USA

Whether you need a full ERP system or a simple solution package to optimize siloed processes — we have the tools to help.


Our Mission

Harris School Solutions’ mission is simple: to help our school and district clients improve and succeed so that they can help their students to do the same.

Our Approach

In every endeavor we undertake at Harris School Solutions, from working with clients and collaborating as a team with one another to developing the solutions themselves and everything in between, we conduct ourselves according to our ten fundamental core values.

Technology changes quickly and constantly, but it takes a lifelong commitment in order to maintain integrity.

Our Team

Harris School Solutions is at the top of the Education Software industry not simply because we offer the best, most innovative solutions ‒ we’re here because of our people.

Our team comprises dynamic women and men who collaborate closely with one another every day to accomplish our shared mission.

Software for Life

Our “Software for Life” philosophy means that regardless of which Harris solution you choose you will receive the same level of service, support, and protection for that solution as long as you desire to use it. You can take comfort in knowing Harris has never discontinued support of an in-service product ever.

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Harris School Solutions values

Harris Core Values

  • Respect of the Individual
  • Accountability/Responsibility/Ownership
  • Discipline – Unwavering and Relentless Focus
  • Understand Reality/Make Difficult Decisions
  • Understanding/Learning
  • Bad News Does Not Get Better With Time
  • Communicate/Share Knowledge
  • Empowerment – At the Point of Contact
  • Solutions Not Problems – Common Sense
  • Dream Realization

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