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Why Sell To Harris?

Your Employees

Long-term commitment to your employees post acquisition – we continue to focus on their career development and offer opportunities to learn and grow. Over 85% of our staff is from acquisitions.

Your Product

Long-term commitment to your product – we do not believe in forcing customers to change software solutions, and our preference is to enhance and update the solutions we acquire.

Your Clients

Long-term commitment to your clients – we are in our markets forever and invest considerable resources to engage, focus, and build long-term productive customer relationships.

Paying Cash

We provide the majority of cash on the closing of the acquisition with a portion held for a period of time to support the representations and warranties included in our purchase agreement and contract.

Explore Our Acquisition Process

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We are open to discussing any opportunity - but our preferred businesses are those in the education and schools software vertical.



We look to acquire business that have: • Mission Critical Enterprise Software Solutions
• Leading or Increasing Market Share
• Diversified Customer Base
• Fragmented Competition
• Low Customer Attrition
• Potential to Grow

Our ownership philosophy is based on a decentralized structure with a focus on autonomy and control at the business level. We start by benchmarking the performance of the acquired business and then share our resources and experience with management and employees to plan key metrics and goals.

Once an acquired business is operating efficiently, we focus on building the business through both organic and acquired growth.


If you sell – You can stay Many of Harris’ senior leaders joined when they sold their businesses to us. The decision to stay and join Harris is one we make together. Once you are part of the Harris family we work collaboratively with you to map out what you want from your career.

Benefits of Working With Harris

We are in the business of acquiring other companies – it is what we do.
  • We Close

    Our core business model is built on acquisition. We close on our deals.

  • We're Efficient

    We can move quickly and have the resources to scale our efforts when required.

  • We're Financially Stable

    We have the financial resources for the investments we make. We have the committed capital, and do not rely on third party financing.

  • We Understand

    We understand the importance of certain representations, warranties, and terms required to meet your closing requirements.

Harris School Nutrition Solution's Mission and Core Values

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