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Harris School Solutions is committed to making a positive difference in every aspect of the education process.

As part of that commitment, we feel it’s important not only to provide the tools that empower the men, women, and students of schools and training programs throughout North America, but also to do our part to make a positive impact in the communities those institutions serve.

Browse our video library below to see for yourself some of the work our team has done to help these communities throughout the United States and Canada!

2017 “Why Work for Harris?” Video

In order to make a genuine difference in the communities we serve, it’s essential that we remember that we  — the men and women who make up Harris School Solutions — are ourselves a part of those communities, not separate from them. Communities give us our team members, and our team members are our company. The result is a company culture that’s sincere and vibrant, filled with people who care as much about one another as we do about our mission. Together, we are Harris.


2016 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 5Ks

As a business, Harris School Solutions’ focus is on Education, so we wanted to shine a light on one of the leading causes of death for young people around the world. That’s why we chose to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. All across the United States, our teams participated in 5k walks to raise not only awareness, but also thousands of dollars in donations for this important cause.

2016 Harris Toiletries Challenge

On any given night, there are approximately 868,067 people experiencing homelessness in North America. Shelters are limited and rely heavily on donations. More often than not, the demand outweighs the supply. Basic personal hygiene becomes a challenge for those in need. Staff at Harris School Solutions, like many other business units across Harris Computer, took up the challenge. Here is what we accomplished!

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