About Us

Harris School Solutions designs, develops, and builds software and hardware that not only meet the specific challenges faced by your unique school or district, but exceed those challenges so your students can reach their full potential.

We work with you to figure out what you, your team, and your schools need. Then we help you to configure our powerful, easy-to-use solutions so that they work in the specific way that makes the most sense for you.

Finally, we stay by your side for as long as you use our products, providing hands-on training and the most proactive support of any company in the Education Software/Hardware industry.

But that’s just what we do. Here’s what we’re about…

Our Mission

Harris School Solutions’ mission is simple: to help the schools with which we work improve and succeed so that they can help their students to do the same.

Our Approach

In every endeavor we undertake at Harris School Solutions, from working with clients and collaborating as a team with one another, to developing the solutions themselves and everything in between, we conduct ourselves according to ten fundamental core values.

In fact, we genuinely believe these ten pillars are even more important than our products.

After all, technology changes quickly and constantly, but it takes a lifelong commitment in order to maintain Integrity.

Our 10 Core Values

  • Respect of the Individual
  • Accountability/Responsibility/Ownership
  • Discipline – Unwavering and Relentless Focus
  • Understand Reality/Make Difficult Decisions
  • Understanding/Learning
  • Bad News Does Not Get Better With Time
  • Communicate/Share Knowledge
  • Empowerment – At the Point of Contact
  • Solutions Not Problems – Common Sense
  • Dream Realization

Our History

Over 20 years ago, Harris School Solutions (HSS) became one of the first companies to offer financial management tools to schools and districts.

At that time, some of our original software was the first of its kind ever conceived, cementing HSS’ legacy as an innovator that pushes the industry forward, rather than just occupying space in it.

Over the years, we’ve built our company strategically and steadily, adding software and hardware solutions for Student Information and School Nutrition. Since we design and build our own products, we’ve been able to ensure that much of our software integrates so that our school district clients can get their work done more efficiently, accurately, and quickly – yet another innovation among School software companies.

Today, we maintain close personal relationships with the men and women of more than 4,000 school districts across North America, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning of HSS.

We continue to provide our clients, old and new alike, with the industry’s most proactive support, hands-on training, and, just as we’ve done for the past 20+ years, the most innovative software and hardware solutions you’ll find anywhere in the Education market.

So what sort of groundbreaking advancements will the next 20 years hold?

Join us, and let’s find out together.

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