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At Harris School Solutions, we take our clients’ feedback to heart.

We know that in order to provide a world-class client experience, we need to listen to them, consider what they’re telling us, and adjust what we’re doing in order to better meet their needs.

And, judging by the reviews we’re receiving, it’s working.

Take a look below to see what our clients are saying about our software, training, support, services, and even our teams and us as a company!

“[Edsby] is one of the best digital platforms I have seen that combines real time data from many sources into one location and decides who has access to particular pieces of that data; be it teachers, administrators, students, and parents. I especially like that Edsby provides parents with a view into their child’s classrooms and can help to open up communication between students and their parents.”

“Weaknesses: None.”

“This is a very innovative approach to a learning management system that brings collected data into a platform that is easily accessible.”

“Excellent product. Once data have been made available, all users can manipulate that data in any way necessary for them. Administrators, teachers, students and parents can easily answer questions and get information.”

“Strengths: 1. Ease of use 2. Easy to learn 3. Learn at your own pace 4. Can begin using the system immediately. As the user moves along with the system, he/she can begin to incorporate additional aspects of the system. 5. System is cloud-based. As such, it is available on all devices. 6. Built specifically for K-12. 7. Data is “real time”. 8. Integrates seamlessly with the district’s SIS. 7. Secure data 8. All data, even data inputted by staff, is available to everyone with permission. 9. Can create reports, including report cards, or update the SIS.”

“I saw no inherent weaknesses in the system.”

“This system will give the user as much or as little information as is desired. It appears as though the learning curve is quite small and the user is not presented with an overview of the entire system, which would only cause any user to forget what was told and become frustrated. This system does not allow for that. I was quite impressed.”

2017 SIIA CODiE Awards judges’ remarks on Edsby, winner, Best Data Solution (Education Technology)

“Some of our senior staff saw eWalk and we bought licenses for the building admins. The results were dramatic. Through the reporting tool, we were able to see district-wide data and [were] immediately able to compare any school with any other school and/or district-wide data.

As the District Technology Facilitator, I began to noodle around in eWalk to see what else was possible. I taught myself the basics in a very short time. A year later, we were finishing up our own homegrown version of the state mandated Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP). I took a look at it and realized that we could easily convert the paper process of TPEP into eWalk and have a much more robust and reliable platform. We purchased building licenses for the entire district and I was able to create all the forms over the summer and launch the pilot at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, we added our office staff/para-educator evaluations to eWalk last year.

Not satisfied, I began to look at our other processes and wondered what else could be “eWalk-ified”? I have since created behavior tracking forms, instant assessment and feedback forms for our music teachers, and tracking forms for my department to keep track of who we serve and what we do throughout a typical week.

We are now in the middle of our 2nd year [with eWalk] and the principals are very happy with its ease of use.”

Chris Allen

eWalk Client

Technology Facilitator
Renton School District
Renton, WA

“eWalk provided me with the ability to create personalized data collection templates. I could build elements that streamlined the data gathering process focusing on information that was important to our school. I could spend more time observing teachers and students and less time looking at what I was writing. I began to see and hear more of what was happening in class because I was not focused on taking notes.”

Dr. Sean Kelly

eWalk Client

Chapel Hill High School
Douglasville, GA

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to show us the many template options available and walking us through the process. I believe we made an excellent choice in selecting eWalk and that this system will have the capacity to help us design the right monitoring tools and generate the reports we need.”

Christy Baxter

eWalk Client
Nevada Department of Education
Las Vegas, NV

“I just want to say thanks again for all of the support that you provided me and the other members of the scheduling team while running the 17-18 scheduling cycle. As you know, we offer a complex variety of courses and options for our students. With declining faculty and staff and more offerings than ever, it is ever-so challenging to schedule.

The Prosoft software, Full Control Scheduler and your knowledge is irreplaceable in my opinion. Your customer service is A+

Thanks for being a great partner to me and most importantly, the students here at Mohawk. You have helped satisfy their “request” for a well-rounded 17-18 school year.”

Raymond C. Omar

Prosoft Client

Mohawk Jr-Sr High School
New Castle, PA

“Since moving our parent calling system to School Rush!, we have seen an increase in parent participation, which is critical to the success of the District. Notifications are easily written, scheduled, and sent. We appreciate the ease of implementation for our staff and parents.”

Brian T. Uplinger

School Rush! Client

Superintendent of Schools
PASA Board of Governors
Central Greene School District
Waynesburg, PA

“We are pleased to offer School Rush! as a communication tool across our schools. The possibilities to use the app to inform parents and celebrate student learning are endless!”

Catherine Wang

School Rush! Client

Glencoe School District 35
Glencoe, IL

Sharon & Laura from Conway, AR. are proud to say, “I’m with Harris!”

School Nutrition Association ANC 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Rory from Tulare JUHSD is proud to say, “I’m with Harris!”

School Nutrition Association ANC 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah

“My application processing was great this year with this program.”

Krista Stephens

eTrition and EZMealApp Client

Mayflower School District,
Mayflower AR

“Finally, a student information system that you only have to enter information in one place and it is automatically in every place else you may need it.”

Tammy L. Botts

ClassMate Client

Student Accounting Assistant
Venango Technology Center
Oil City, PA

“ClassMate is the 4th student information system our CTC has had in the 15 years I have worked here. The 2nd system in 2 years. When you contact the helpdesk they know exactly what you are talking about. All ClassMate’s customers are CTCs, part-time and full-time. Their training for new clients is exceptional!”

Tammy L. Botts

ClassMate Client

Student Accounting Assistant
Venango Technology Center
Oil City, PA

“We have been a customer of Meal Tracker/eTrition for 18 years. The software is consistently updated to meet our needs. Our account rep provides us with personal support – this along with the phone support has led to success for our point of sale system.”

Linda Eidson

eTrition and Meal Tracker Client

Director, Office of Food and Nutrition
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Evansville, IN

“I just wanted to say that the support from Harris is superior to any other software providers I have dealt with. You guys are awesome!”

Barb Ross

Director of Finance
SD91 (Nechako Lakes)
Vanderhoof, BC

“Yes, we are so happy with our new system, it is the best thing we have done for our students and staff!”

Amy Gibbons

Consulting Director, Aramark Education Food Service
Burbank Unified School District
Burbank, CA

“Williamsville CUSD #15 moved to the eTrition solution in the summer of 2013, previously utilizing Mealtracker. We transitioned from three computers acting as servers/serving lines in our three school buildings to the Cloud Server and four computers as serving lines. The Point-of-Sale software works online and offline (syncing when connected), which gives us peace of mind with the introduction of the SaaS technology in our environment.”

Chris Wherle

eTrition Client

Technology Coordinator
Williamsville CUSD
Williamsville, IL

“The eTrition POS program has improved our Food Services program efficiency and accountability tremendously. Our office workload has been greatly reduced thus saving time & money. Program implementation was smooth and very user friendly thanks to the eTrition team!”

Camille Cervantes

eTrition Client

Lone Pine USD

“I just need to take a minute and thank you for your EZSchoolPay website! It makes life so much easier by having one less thing to send to school with my kids that potentially might get lost or having one less stop for us busy parents to have to make. THANK YOU!!!”

Michelle Strand

EZSchoolPay User


“We use it daily for the Bishop Unified School District. We find that the reporting and tracking features make our daily jobs very easy. We also use it for tracking “Patron Account” balances and from that information we can quickly put together a CSV file for use with our auto-dialing system. We are able to easily call hundreds of parents using the report export feature.”

Susan Nelson

Food Services Director
Bishop Unified School District

Since the Hillsboro School District upgraded to eTrition 7 at the start of the 2014-15 school year, it has been wonderful. The support team responds very quickly to all our questions and concerns. The software is easy to understand with the interface set-up in a logical manner; thus, making it very easy to use. A big time saver for our district has been the EzMealAPP interface. Having the parents fill out applications online, gives us accurate data that we are able to read.”

Janelle Bennett Gossett

eTrition Client

Director of Food Services
Washington County
Hillsboro, OR

“I can’t say enough good things about Etrition! It is easy to use and provides our department with valuable information about our program. The personnel are personable to work with and knowledgeable concerning their products and services available.”

Erin Wilkes

eTrition Client

Director of Food Service
Cabot Public Schools
Cabot, AR

“We started with the eTrition point-of-sale (POS) system at the beginning of this school year. Previously for 15 year we were with Meal Tracker which is also supported by Harris School Solutions. Last year we implemented their EZSchoolPay online payment option with MealTracker and that was seamless. We decided to continue with Harris School Solutions and go with eTrition because we liked the POS setup and capabilities. We have experienced great tech and training support with over the years when we were using Meal Tracker. The eTrition program works very smooth with EZSchoolPay as well. Our school secretaries also do the cashiering and it was a very smooth transition from Meal Tracker to eTrition. We had the trainer with them here the last week in May so they were ready to go when they started back in August for the new school year. To keep eTrition updated with new students, our superintendent’s secretary generates a report from Infinite Campus and uploads it to eTrition on a weekly basis…that works very well.

I can’t think of any Cons.”

Susan L. Proefrock

eTrition and EZSchoolPay Client

Business Manager
Belle Fourche 9-1
Belle Fourche, SD

“We made the change back to go.edustar by Harris because our previous provider didn’t know anything about our state reporting. It took tons and tons of time. Had to change settings to run 3rd quarter grade cards. With Harris, ask teachers! go.edustar is far easier!”

Becky Bruna

go.edustar Client

Board Clerk
Barnes USD 233
Barnes, KS

“In an era of enhanced school and district accountability and the increasing demand for real-time access to accurate data, having a robust and reliable student information system (SIS) is key and vital to the mission of the organization. The Central Massachusetts Special Education Collaborative (CMSEC) selected iPass because of its ease of use, overall functionality (all-in-one design), ability to report DESE data elements and the support and services provided by Information Marketing Group/Harris School Solutions.”

Neil Trahan

iPass Client

Director of Curriculum, Data and Technology
Central Massachusetts Special Education Collaborative

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