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Adam Hansen Goes the Extra Mile, Wins ‘We Are Harris’ Award

Adam Hansen holding award in front of Core Values poster.
Adam Hansen, SNS Support Analyst

Asked what his advice is for achieving success at Harris School Solutions (HSS), Adam Hansen was reflective, suggesting:

“Always ask yourself what more can you do. There’s so much that you have to do for your job, but there are so many other things that we’re able to do, things that can improve the division and make our clients happy.”

Following his own advice and going the extra mile is what has earned Adam this quarter’s We Are Harris award.

As a support analyst for HSS’ School Nutrition Solutions (SNS), Adam handles all types of support calls and helps clients work through their issues, from state and federal reimbursement claims and yearly verification processes to inventory, meal planning, and everything in between. And that’s all just before Adam wonders what more he’s able to do.

In addition to the regular functions of his role, Adam writes special scripts and programs custom code, not only in situations where clients have unique requests, but also for HSS’ internal SNS needs.

Why? Because he can. That’s what he means by looking for those extra ways we’re each able to help.

But Adam doesn’t just “speak in code.” Having been with HSS for eight years and with an HSS-acquired company for three years before that, Adam has a knack for talking to and working with people.

As he put it:

“The people are the real motivator for me. Not just our clients, but my teammates. Everyone is really nice and easy to work with because, just like I hope everyone knows they can count on me, I feel like I really can count on every single person around me.”

That could be why Adam said that “Accountability/Responsibility/Ownership” is the Harris Core Value that stands out most to him, pointing out that, “All of us in Support are here to solve problems, but you have to start by taking accountability for a problem before you can hope to resolve it successfully. From there, the team can accomplish great things, together.”

And together, all of us here at HSS thank Adam for his dedication and congratulate him for earning the well-deserved recognition of the We Are Harris award.

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