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HSS Financial Solutions Year-in-Review

2022 has been an exciting and productive year across Harris School Solutions (HSS) product lines. The challenges of re-adapting post-pandemic and our drive to provide world-class support and services has kept our teams as busy as ever.

In 2022, we began taking the first significant steps in developing next-generation technology for our enterprise product lines. We’ve worked directly with our clients to pinpoint their needs to develop exciting new features and solutions.

Our newest web-based solutions will feature the latest in data security, smart automated processes, and robust reporting. With solution-specific features based on your state and needs. The best part? Each of our enhanced products can be accessed securely anywhere you’re connected. Giving you access to your most critical data when you need it the most with confidence. Each web-based enhancement adds robust new capabilities to our product lines. Allowing users to manipulate, compile, and manage important financial and organizational information in intuitive ways. The new web experience has many benefits, but some of the most sought-after features include:

  • Employee Self Service
  • Web Requisitions & Purchase Orders
  • Automated Onboarding for New Hires
  • Robust & Configurable Reporting
  • Document Management
  • And Much More!

Each product line’s web offering may vary slightly, but overall, we are very proud of the results this investment has already provided across HSS products. Enhancing the abilities of current ‘power-users’ and creating new users who have been drawn to the modern features and the industry reputation of HSS.

Keep scrolling to see each product’s 2022 highlights!


The SmartFusion team has been hard at work in 2022! Our top priority has been to meet our current clients’ support needs and continue to move forward with implementing the anticipated new web-based enhancement we’ve been working with you to create.

Our current SmartFusion RoadMap is a great way to stay current on our latest accomplishments and plans. So far, we’ve completed Payroll Encumbrances and the new Accounts Payable Workflow Automations.

There have been 71 Ideas submitted to the Idea Portal in 2022, of those, 22 are planned to be implemented soon and 24 are in consideration for future implementation. Visit the Idea Portal to submit or vote on an Idea!


2022 has been an exciting and busy year for NextGen. We’ve been hard at work on both the support and development side of NextGen’s most recent updates. We’re especially excited about rolling out the new NGWeb Web Requisition and Purchasing modules as versatile enhancements for current users. Check out the video demo!

Looking to 2023, we plan to roll out new-and-improved Employee Self Service and Routing capabilities. Adding enhanced features that we know will improve everyday Nextgen users’ experience. The NextGen Roadmap is a great way to stay up-to-date on product developments.

Our Support team will be growing and offering additional benefits in the coming year. First, we will be expanding our training and webinar schedule to increase opportunities to train new staff and show off the newest features. Secondly, we are on the lookout to add to the NextGen support team. References encouraged! If you or someone you know is interested in joining the team, let your rep know.


AptaFund’s 2022 has been one colored by new beginnings and continual progress. We’ve added two new members to the ApataFund Sales Teams, launched the AptaFund Timekeeping module, and have even begun branching AptaFund into new territories. Learn more about how a timekeeping solution can help you manage your workforce.

The AptaFund Support team has continued to provide world-class support to our clients nationwide and spent 2022 focusing on closing tickets as fast and accurately as possible. We also expanded our Support team with the addition of two new staff. Our Support group hosted several webinars this year, with topics including state-specific, Calendar and Fiscal Year-End, and AptaFund Timekeeping. The AptaFund team attended tradeshows in Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Maine and it was great to interact with clients face-to-face again.

AptaFund is currently used in 14 states nationwide and growing. We look forward to another successful year in 2023.


HSS Oasis has had a big year in 2022! We were excited to attend the 2022 QSSUG meeting in-person after several years of cancellations. It was wonderful to see our users, hold information sessions and trainings face-to-face, and display some of the newest features developed for OASIS. In fact, QSSUG gave us the opportunity to catch some video of our team and users — check out the video we put together here.

We’ve also been hard at work in 2022 with the development and rollout of OasisWeb, the new web-based version of OASIS packed with new enhancements and sought-after features. The best way to learn about OasisWeb is to check out our OasisWeb site here to learn about new features, see our FAQ, and watch short recorded demos of the latest modules here.

OASIS continued to grow in 2022 with the addition of several new, large, districts. These implementations will begin, or continue, in 2023, with training and collaboration between the OASIS team and school administrators.

Our Support team has made significant improvements in response times and resolution rates in 2022. Most notably, improving the average response time to just 39 minutes. We continually strive to create a pleasant experience for our customers and welcome your feedback.


2022 has been an exciting and busy year for WinCap. We’ve been hard at work developing our new web-based platform called WinCapWeb. WinCapWeb’s updated modern look and new features will radically upgrade your WinCap experience in several ways. Some of the noteworthy features include a secure browser-based solutions you can access from anywhere with new dynamic grid reporting, filtering, and custom organization. In addition, a new Employee Seld-Service tool and Timekeeping system to let employees manage their important documents and time requests. Lastly, a new onboarding system will help schools manage, track, and onboard new employees.

Our current WinCap RoadMap is a great way to stay current on our latest accomplishments and plans.

Our Support team have seen many customers taking advantage of our WinCap support portal, and the wealth of information found therein. Many support issues can be resolved by referencing one of the documents there.

As turnover continues to be a challenge for many schools, the WinCap support staff is working closely with our Regional Information Centers (RICS) to assist in the onboarding process.


The WebSmart team has been hard at work in 2022! We were happy to reconnect with clients in-person at TASBO and Texas Charter School Association Conference. In addition to conferences, we hosted several types of training including Finance and Student Symposiums, webinars, and one-on-one training reviewing beginning and end-of-year processes.

Our Back-Office services continue to grow, with the addition of several new clients in 2022. Interested in learning more about this service and how you can save time, money, and headaches? Visit our Back-Office page for more information!

WebSmart was given a new look and feel in 2022, including new reports and updates to current features and reports. The new Parent Portal and Charter First Dashboard continue to roll out to clients.


We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients for your continued partnership. We look forward to working with you further in 2023 and sharing the developments we are working on. If you would like to find out more about our 2023 plans, please reach out to your representative.