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4 People to Thank at Your School this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, 2017!

Before you go on break this Thanksgiving week, we want to thank the men and women behind some of the most critical roles at schools and programs everywhere.

Here on the Harris School Solutions blog, we often speak to superintendents, teachers, principals, Food Service stafffinancial administrators, and school counselors, but we want to let the people below know that we’re equally appreciative of all they do, and you should let them know you are, too!

So be sure to thank these men and women!

Custodial, Maintenance, and Grounds Crews

Let’s face it, without the hard work of these crew members, the school environment would not be conducive to learning. Schools would literally fall apart! It takes constant upkeep to maintain a school, so be sure to thank these staff members for their vigilance and hard work!

Bus Drivers

These men and women are some of the earliest risers in the morning and the latest workers in the afternoon. Let’s not forget, without them, many classrooms would be empty! They don’t just get students to and from school, they do it safely and punctually. Thank you!

Crossing Guards

Speaking of roadways, we can’t forget about our crossing guards. Every day, no matter the weather, they’re out there shepherding students safely across our streets. From New York to California, Canada to Texas, and everywhere in between, we thank you!

School Security

School security is an important part of maintaining a safe environment in which students can learn, educators can teach, and administrators can work. Thank you to all the men and women who safeguard our schools and programs!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, 2017!

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