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Harris School Solutions and ApplyToEducation Strategic Partnership Provides Next-level Onboarding Solution

[Buffalo, New York and Easley, South Carolina] (January 12, 2024) – Harris School Solutions, a national software provider specializing in solutions for the K-12 education market, and ApplyToEducation, the provider of leading solutions for advanced recruitment services, today announced a strategic partnership that provides K-12 organizations with a seamless way to post, review, and manage applicants through the recruiting and hiring process.

ApplyToEducation (ATE) is a trusted vendor that provides advanced recruitment services for K-12 organizations. Partnering with over 5,500 K-12 entities worldwide, ATE focuses on delivering an exceptional client experience that leverages over 20 years of K-12 expertise. ATE’s solution streamlines the recruitment and hiring processes while seamlessly integrating with Harris School Solutions’ ERP software. Adding ATE’s advanced recruitment solutions supply K-12 districts and schools with a powerful way to improve processes and hire staff more quickly and efficiently.

“Our partnership with ApplyToEducation gives K-12 organizations a better way to quickly identify and recruit the best candidates to fill their open positions. We’re pleased to have an expert partner that understands the education market, and who also has a similar track record of providing top-notch client service,” said Ben Childs, Executive Vice President at Harris School Solutions.

“ApplyToEducation’s collaboration with Harris brings our innovative, industry-leading recruitment and hiring solution to a broader audience. This creates a synergy that benefits our clients, school and district administrators, and their staff,” said Mark Laurie, President of ApplyToEducation.

For more information on the Harris School Solutions and ApplyToEducation partnership, please visit here: https://info.harrisschoolsolutions.com/a2e-more-info/

About Harris School Solutions

Harris School Solutions (HSS) is a leading provider of K-12 software solutions for finance and human capital management, school nutrition, student management, virtual learning, and data analytics. Powered by a staff with decades of experience in K-12, including direct roles at the district and school levels, HSS offers an unparalleled personalized and specialized client experience.

HSS partners with school districts and K-12 organizations across the US to provide the solutions and insights to make data-driven decisions, giving them more time to focus on their students, staff, and community. HSS’ comprehensive portfolio includes cloud-based solutions for finance, payroll, human resources, state reporting, absence and time management, school nutrition, student instruction and assessment, and student information. HSS serves over 2,500 school districts and over 20,000 individual schools across the US.

About ApplyToEducation

ApplyToEducation is a worldwide provider of web-based, advanced recruitment solutions built specifically for K-12. With over 20 years of experience, ATE is trusted by over 5,500 districts and schools with managing the recruitment and application process. ATE has impacted 1.6 billion applicants and 12 million job applications worldwide and counting. Visit www.applytoeducation.com to learn more.