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How to Save Time by Empowering Your School Employees

As a busy school administrator, it’s important to save time wherever you can. Even minor tasks that take up small amounts of time can add up throughout the day.

Assisting employees is critical but can also be one of the most time consuming duties you perform. The most efficient way to help employees is by empowering them to manage their own information.

Below are the three key ways you can save time by putting the power into the hands of employees and stakeholders.

Did you know?

73% of full-time workers expect strong Employee Self-Service options.*

Making Changes

Give employees the authority to easily make changes to demographics, tax withholdings, and direct deposit amounts through one central solution. Not only will this save time for the business office, it will also keep employee information private, secure, and accurate.

Requesting Approvals

Does your approval process require several signatures before being completed? If so, allowing each stakeholder to make their approval and send it to the next person in the process will speed up turn-around times for approvals. Utilizing a digital solution also provides tracking for each step of the approval process, allowing visibility to each approver’s response time.

Answering Questions

By giving employees access to their information electronically, many of their questions can be answered quickly and without assistance. This leaves more time to focus on the challenging questions that truly require assistance. In effect, this will streamline the process for both the employee and the administrators.

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