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Must-Have Software Solutions for School Cafeterias

The average person has very little knowledge or understanding of all that goes on behind the friendly, neighborhood lunch lady. In reality, the amount of planning, budgeting, acquisitions, payments and receivables, adherence to National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guidelines, tracking, and reporting that administrators and school nutritionists must contend with can be overwhelming. Without the right tools and support, it can feel almost impossible.  

 School districts need automated software solutions to aid them in controlling every morsel of school cafeteria management. That’s why Harris School Nutrition Solutions develops, builds, and implements customizable and comprehensive end-to-end school lunch solutions.  

 Comprehensive Nutrition Management Software 

eTrition is a fully equipped suite of convenient tools that enable improved organization, efficiency, and more informed decision-making. It handles every facet of your school nutrition program and offers the following benefits: 

  • Streamlining processes and enabling cafeteria staff to provide service more effectively 
  • Improving cafeteria management to save money, avoid errors, and provide secure encryption of sensitive data 
  • Offering built-in reporting and analysis in real-time 
  • Providing customization to the specific needs and requirements of cafeterias and school nutrition programs 

 Online applications for free- or reduced-cost meal programs 

With EZMealApp, Harris helps schools implement better and more empowering application processes for free- and reduced-meal programs. Parents can securely apply online and immediately receive their eligibility notification. Once approved, the software enables students to start receiving meals immediately–without experiencing a frustrating or confusing waiting period that could cause them to go without meals. Meanwhile, school personnel experience significant savings in time, form filing, data entry, and all of the associated costs, and more.  

Secure, online payment processes for parents  

EZSchoolPay is the school payment processing software that simplifies how parents and students pay for lunches, how staff collects payments, and how administrators account for and manage money. While parents experience the convenience of electronically paying for meals through a secure, online payment process, school districts experience a plethora of services and benefits as well. Full and accurate payments, quick transfers and deposits, easy tracking of receipts, and a reduction in the costs and errors associated with cash management are all part of how EZSchoolPay revolutionizes payment processing throughout school nutrition programs.  

Communication software to keep parents and students informed and engaged in cafeteria planning  

EZSchoolLunch is the interactive school nutrition app that genuinely engages parents and students to participate in their school meal programs. Students and parents are informed of upcoming menus, and students can also rate and give feedback about their meal choices and favorites.  

 The key to getting the full benefits of school nutrition software implementation is the support behind it all. To us, support should not just be reactive to your needs and questions; it should also be proactive, personal, and customized. Our support includes on-site and specialized training tailored to school and district budgets, staff, and cafeterias, live support that’s available whenever you need it, and regular communication of updates, solutions, ideas, best practices, troubleshooting tips, and more.  

We know everything that goes into feeding your students is no easy feat. Ready to learn more about the school nutrition software solutions that can streamline processes, engage parents and students, and set your students, staff, and meal programs up for success?  Contact the team at Harris School Nutrition Solutions today.