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Rising Above Everyday Cafeteria Challenges

Today’s school administrators, food service directors, managers, and frontline staff face plenty of challenges in preparing and providing cafeteria meals for students every day. At one time, there was just one cafeteria line with the daily offerings, and that was it. But now, thousands of students file through multiple lines, choose from a variety of foods and choices, and rush through mealtimes that last between 15-30 minutes.  

Cafeteria challenges and pain points often fall into the following categories: 

  • Cafeteria Overcrowding – Whether through school consolidation, overscheduling, or downsizing of resources, cafeteria workers are providing more meals for more students. In and of itself, this is a logistical challenge, but it also brings along additional issues, including shorter lunch periods and longer lunchlines. 
  • Menu Planning & Meal Offerings – The challenge of planning meals for a K-12 population can be staggering. In addition to planning, purchasing, and preparing, cafeteria management contends with challenges including National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guideline adherence, addressing food preferences and allergens, and offering enticing and healthy options that are appealing to a wide variety of tastebuds.  
  • Administration & Management – The accountability for cafeteria management falls squarely on the shoulders of administrators and their cafeteria staff, who contend with daily challenges that include all of the above, as well as reducing and eliminating waste, staying on budget, managing equipment and stock, and training and educating staff.  

 School cafeteria challenges are widespread and touch everyone who has a role in school mealtimes in different ways. That’s why schools benefit most when there are integrated systems and software solutions in place that can support and guide administrators and staff in optimizing and streamlining mealtime operations across the areas of resources, management, and meal planningAddressing these challengetakes the right people combined with the right school nutrition software in your cafeteria to create the right school foodservice solutions. 

At Harris School Nutrition Solutions, we provide comprehensive school nutrition software solutions that empower school administrators and food service directors to manage cafeteria pain points and produce real improvementsLearn more about how we support school district administrators, staff, students, and parents, and contact our team today to start rising above your everyday cafeteria challenges.