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Schools around the world are changing how they feed students. Here’s how we can help.

More than 30 years ago, Harris School Nutrition Solutions began providing school nutrition solutions in response to massive Congressional budget cuts to the school lunch programs. We wanted to offer supportive solutions and guidance that would help schools achieve their mission of providing nutritious, high-quality, and consistent meals to their students. From that day, we have remained dedicated to assisting schools and districts in providing nutritional meals to all students. 


Today, COVID-19 school closures mean that students need school meal programs now more than ever, especially when their school lunch may have been the only nutritious meal or the single meal they received during the day. In response to this need, schools are changing how they operate and distribute their meal programs. 


We can help.


Harris School Nutrition Solutions provides schools with the most flexible and affordable technology available and has remained at the leading-leading edge to help schools with effective and efficient cafeteria management. We have developed cloud-based solutions that are available anytime, anywhere, and on every device, to support remote environments and to ensure schools are not required to purchase or install costly infrastructure or hardware. In addition to full-range cafeteria management solutions, we also offer a series of integrated mobile apps to improve communication and dissemination of information to parents, staff members, and the community.


As we help schools across the nation, we are committed to helping schools, districts, and communities respond to the crisis. Our solutions are flexible and personalized and can quickly help schools and districts adapt to new processes.  


Our team is, and always has been, focused on proactive support. Schools and districts rely on us to be their trusted partner, to be available 24/7, and to help implement solutions and define best practices for all cafeteria management processes. Now more than ever, we are proud to offer ongoing stability and strength to our nation’s schools. 


Contact Harris School Nutrition Solutions to discuss how we can help your school face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and help you continue to provide healthy meals to the children of your community.