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New Security Enhancement for SmartFusion Customers with Gemini Update

We’re excited to announce that we’re upgrading SmartFusion’s security by transitioning current hosting and SaaS customers as well as on-premise Gemini customers to the latest version of Gemini Backup & Recovery. This update gives SmartFusion customers access to the most up-to-date backup technology in addition to several new security features and benefits.

The most exciting benefit of this transition is you can backup more than just your dedicated SmartFusion data. Now, you’ll be able to backup all the data you keep on your server. This means that you can have secure backups of all your data -including exported reports, documents, and other important non-SmartFusion resources you store on your server.

In addition to the new Gemini, we’re currently testing and plan to implement Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for hosted customers later this year. This creates a new layer of security between your critical data and a potential cyber security event. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an identity verification method that relies on a two or three-stage authentication process. Often this process utilizes a secondary device to receive an access code or to use a unique biometric like finger scanning. You may already be familiar with MFA. It’s been a popular security step for social media and other account-based services like MicroSoft Office and Banking software.

We plan to start transitioning SmartFusion customers to the new Gemini in the next few weeks. The transition is extremely easy, and will give our SmartFusion customers even more options to better protect their critical data. Please be on the lookout for further communication as we work to start implementing this change. And if you’re looking for a new backup provider for ALL YOUR DATA please let us know!