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The Scariest School Financial Software Tales We’ve Ever Heard

Happy Halloween, 2017!
This year, Harris School Solutions wants to tell you some scary tales about school Financial Accounting teams that were not unlike your own.
So, gather ’round and get ready for the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end…

Campfire in woods.

The Small Team with Limited Resources

This tale begins with Sara, Coordinator of Accounting for a school district in South Carolina.
Sara’s team was small, and it had limited resources.
How small was Sara’s team?
It was so small that Sara says:

“For example, Accounts Payable also does Accounts Receivable, along with other responsibilities.”

Woman with scared expression on her face.

Sara was left wondering:

“How can we use the resources that we have to accomplish more and be more efficient?”

Young businesswoman looking anxious in a demanding office environment.

How indeed, Sara. How indeed.

The Comptroller and the Reporting Standards

In this tale, the devil went down to Georgia where Chris works. Chris is a CPA and the Comptroller at his school district.
But Chris was troubled by a haunting thought:

“We were using an older system. As we were evolving to new reporting standards in the state, we needed a new financial package that could meet our needs and help us meet deadlines.”

What became of Chris?
To this day, no one at Harris School Solutions knows.

Dog with surprised expression.

Wait. No. He’s one of our clients, so our software helped him out and now he’s confident in his reporting.

Whew. That was a close one.

But, do you want to know the spookiest part about these stories?

Worried man peeking through blinds at office.

They’re all…


40's style cartoon of scared woman screaming.


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