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How Timekeeping Software Improves Managing Your Workforce

If you’ve ever had to manually complete a timecard or tally hours for a whole department, it’s no secret that managing timekeeping isn’t always a walk in the park. Missed punches, inaccurate records, and human error are just a few ways paper timekeeping can get messy. These are some of the reasons why we’ve seen such a large increase in the demand for timekeeping software.

From data and reporting to greater access and control — here are just a few ways timekeeping software can help you better manage your workforce.


An Accurate View of your Workforce

One of the biggest values of timekeeping software is the ability to have an real-time accurate view of your workforce, the hours they work, and their time management habits. This data can be used to help make important decisions for you organization like where you allocate resources, where there are potential gaps in coverage, and how different management practices effect performance.


Integrates with Payroll

Connecting timekeeping data with your payroll system is one of the best ways to optimize your timekeeping solution and payroll processes. Time tracking gives your payroll department a clear, real-time view of hours worked. System integration also attributes position codes to your organization’s ledger accounts to ensure employee time and pay is expensed to the correct account.

An integrated timekeeping solution also saves your staff valuable time and increases accuracy by eliminating the need to hand key data.


Gives Employees Access & Control

Workforce management and timekeeping systems are becoming an industry standard because of how much easier it is to accurately schedule part-time, adjacent, off-site, or temporary employees. This helps empower employees and makes it easier for management to see and eliminate gaps in coverage and prevent any unforeseen labor costs.

Since no organization has the exact same policies, systems can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of each department. Employees can also be configured with multiple position codes for situations where an employee works more than one job at the district or school.


Saves Your Organization Money

With all the advantages of timekeeping it’s easy to see how moving to an automated solution can benefit your organization. From the improved record keeping and real-time data to the reduction in human error, and you’ll find you can not only improve productivity,
but also help your organization remain budget conscious and save time and money.

Using timekeeping tools to optimize payroll and HR not only pays off tangibly with dollars saved and hours logged, but it will also empower your workforce and help them adapt to ever increasing changes to how we manage the modern workplace.

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