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Of the 10 core values by which Harris School Solutions (HSS) team members guide their day-to-day efforts, Lane Melton believes Accountability / Responsibility / Ownership is key. Which is, in part, why he now can claim “ownership” of the We Are Harris award for this quarter. “The Accountability value is critical to our Support Team,” […]


Harris School Solutions’ purchase of Ottawa, Ontario-based Media-X is set to bolster and expand HSS’ suite of fully-integrated software solutions.  Media-X is the developer of the MXWEB® platform and the evaluation and assessment applications that run on it, such as eWalk®, iCoach®, eTeacher®, mVal® and the Marzano Gradebook. Their FlipForLearning™ software provides a video-based environment […]

Chris Singel Receives the We Are Harris Award!

Harris is honored to have employees who take pride in the products, services, and support that we deliver to schools districts across the country.  The We Are Harris award recognizes when individuals reach beyond their standard responsibilities to do more for their clients, and for our company. This quarter, we at Harris are proud to […]

Holly Muhs Receives The ‘We Are Harris’ Award!

When our clients talk, we listen! And when they, along with our own employees, have the highest praise for one individual we are more than happy to honor her with the “We Are Harris” award. Please join me in recognizing Holly Muhs for being an indispensable resource to the Harris School Financial Solutions team. At […]

Jim Atkins Receives The ‘We Are Harris’ Award!

Harris School Solutions relies on its exceptional individuals who come together to work as a team to get the job done. It is in the spirit of teamwork that I congratulate Mr. Jim Atkins as the recipient of the 3rd “We Are Harris” award! Jim is an individual who is one of our true “unsung heroes”- […]

Dynamic Duo Receives the 2nd ‘We Are Harris’ Award

Harris has a team that works so well together, to nominate one without the other would be like leaving jelly off of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Together, these two individuals truly represent the meaning of teamwork. Please join me in honoring Ben Sundine and Kayla Nickel as the co-recipients of the “We Are […]