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Speed up your line of students with our line of solutions.

We know as well as you do that feeding students takes an immense amount of work. You need to plan, prep, cook, and serve for hundreds or even thousands of students each day, not to mention tracking and accounting for it all.

We recognize how hard you work.

That’s why we understand that the last thing you need is to deal with computer software and P.O.S. hardware that malfunctions, breaks down, or just plain doesn’t do what you need it to do, when and how you need it done.

Unfortunately, most School Food Service solutions struggle to keep up because they:

  • Waste time at the Point-of-Sale (P.O.S.), causing slow lunch lines and increasing labor costs.
  • Don’t integrate with each other or with other district systems, causing extra work and risking data entry errors.
  • Burden staff by forcing each employee to assume many different roles.
  • Lack security, often relying on unencrypted data or even cash transactions.
  • Inconvenience parents by forcing them to jump through hoops in order to make sure their children get fed.
  • Complicate the process with unnecessary or outdated steps.
  • Strand employees with unreliable or slow Support responses from the provider.
  • Force users to work from a single, inconvenient desktop computer.

With obstacles as challenging as these, it’s a wonder your lunchroom hasn’t already devolved into chaos.

The good news is that we’ve been listening to and working with School Food Service directors, School Nutrition directors, CFOs, parents, teachers, students, and, perhaps most importantly, countless front-line cafeteria staff for the past 29 years.

That’s how we’ve been able to solve these problems and provide the most effective, efficient, and cutting-edge School Nutrition program tools and proactive Support our 4,000+ school and district clients need in order to achieve success.

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The School Lunch Software and Hardware You Deserve

It takes everyone, from top to bottom, working together to run a School Nutrition program smoothly and successfully.

It also takes the right hardware and software in your cafeteria to create the right School Food Service solution.

That’s why we develop, build, and implement end-to-end School Lunch program solutions that actually make a difference.

Our software and hardware help cafeteria staff, administrators, and parents:

  • Partner with each other and with us in order to make the work easier and the results better.
  • Work through fewer steps to accomplish their daily functions with products designed from the very feedback they give us through our proactive Support outreach.
  • Save time with straightforward, automated processes and a fast cafeteria Point-of-Sale (P.O.S.) system that work the way your unique program needs them to.
  • Simplify workflows with convenient tools and systems that were designed with specific feedback from our School Nutrition clients to help your program run more effectively and efficiently.
  • Stay secure with the safest, most powerful data encryption available today.
  • Integrate your program’s software for quick and accurate data transfers across your school district’s other systems, including reports with integrated documents.
  • Consider the needs of parents and make it easy for them to work with your Nutrition program.
  • Customize your process the way you want with highly configurable modules.
  • Get immediate help when you need it thanks to our proactive Support, which features live Client Service Representatives answering phones in real time, as well as regular email updates, User Group meetings, and more.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, securely from the cloud, on any device with internet access.
With our revolutionary new School Nutrition solutions, there’s no reason to suffer with the same old tools, the same old processes, and the same old problems anymore.

Don’t wait any longer to get your district’s School Nutrition program running the way you know it can, the way you know it should. Let’s make it happen today — together.

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Unrivaled Assistance

Behind every single Harris School Solutions product is a team of dedicated professional Support individuals, men and women whose sole focus is to work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way for as long as you choose HSS.


We design our implementation program around your unique needs. For example, our hands-on trainers can be on-site, work with you remotely, or create a modified, hybrid approach to the implementation in order to walk you through every detail and turn you and your entire staff into experts at the software you run. We’ll take into account your budget, your team members, and more in order to create a truly high-quality learning experience that exceeds your expectations every single time.


Our proactive Support promise means that we never make you stop what you’re doing to contact us, check on updates, or troubleshoot problems. Instead, we go the extra mile by regularly reaching out to you with updates, solutions, ideas, best practices, troubleshooting tips, and more.

School Nutrition Solutions

All of our School Nutrition solutions integrate seamlessly with one another so that you can reduce steps, consolidate reports, easily and accurately share information, and create an overall smoother and faster solution for your School Food Service program.

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