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Client Spotlight: NextGen User Avery Embry Continues to Rise

At Harris School Solutions, our goal is to help our clients achieve success in whatever it is they pursue.

Naturally, then, we are proud to shine a light on one such client who already has accomplished a great deal and who continues to strive for more.

Avery Embry, who uses the NextGen financial management system to handle his workflow as Director of Finance and Chief School Financial Officer for the Talladega County School System, currently is running for Vice President of the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International.

Earning this office would be yet another in a long string of accomplishments for Embry. Here are some of the highlights from his successful career:

  • Earned his MBA.
  • Became a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations.
  • Has served ASBO International, Alabama ASBO, and his local community in the following capacities:
    • International Commission for ASBO.
    • ASBO International Legislative Affairs committee.
    • ASBO International board of directors.
    • President of Alabama ASBO.
    • Talladega Area Chamber of Commerce.
    • Cheaha Regional Head Start Policy Council.
    • Child Care Corporation for Talladega, Clay, and Randolph Counties.
    • Boys Scouts Committee.
    • the Kiwanis Club of Talladega.
  • Has receieved many awards, including:
    • The Robert L. Morton Award  (Alabama ASBO).
    • The Billy J. McCain, Sr. Memorial Award (Alabama Head Start Association).
    • The Humanitarian of the Year Award (Alabama Head Start Association).

So, regardless of what the future holds for Mr. Embry, we want to applaud all he’s already done and the hard work, diligence, and commitment with which he’s done it.

We’re proud to call him a member of the Harris School Solutions family!