Harris School Solutions

Decatur School District Chooses eTrition and EZSchoolPay

Harris School Nutrition Solutions is excited to announce that Decatur School District in Decatur, Arkansas has chosen to upgrade its existing system to Harris’ eTrition cloud-based solution. The district’s move is an effort to reduce its reliance on the technology department by using a solution that is not tied to individual computer workstations, but rather is accessible from anywhere on any browser. eTrition will enable the district to reduce or eliminate overlooked costs of continuing with an older cafeteria management system. The use of EZSchoolPay.com will allow parents to make timely meal payments and view current meal balances and recent cafeteria transactions.

Decatur operates two cafeterias. Its plans to move forward with eTrition signals that even small school districts can gain big operational efficiencies with a technologically superior cafeteria management system. Decatur School District plans to go live with eTrition over the summer 2015.