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Duo Splits Responsibilities, Shares We Are Harris Award Honors

Unique though it may be for two Harris School Solutions (HSS) team members to share We Are Harris award honors for the same quarter, the unanimous vote proves that it’s no coincidence.

Nikhil Gupta and Jane M. Leeper demonstrated the HSS core value of Accountability/Responsibility/Ownership to foster teamwork and, together, help get the company’s recent major project, the California CTE College and Career Indicator Dashboard, finished ahead of schedule.

According to team member Mercedes Carroll, VP of R&D for the Student Information Solutions unit of HSS:

“Jane and Nikhil have been a huge part of our success in the rollout of our Dashboard initiative. They had to learn a new development tool, work closely with Sales and Professional Services, and be willing to be extremely flexible as we received a lot of last-minute feedback from our clients.”

Such flexibility is only possible with the support of your team members and a willingness to take accountability for shared goals, as both Jane and Nikhil demonstrate through their mutual respect and praise of one another.

Said Nikhil:

“Success to me in IT is measured by how happy and satisfied the end client is. So, understanding that client satisfaction is the goal, and then providing “super” support is the key. That’s why we need business analysts like Jane. She’s incredible at understanding not only what the client wants, but also what is and isn’t possible from a technical standpoint. She speaks both languages – the technical and the end user – so she’s able to translate from the user to me and back. It’s a critical component and she really takes ownership and accountability for it. That allows me to work quickly and confidently knowing that the things I’m working on are going to make the client happy, because I know I can trust in Jane’s hard work. Without her on this team, we wouldn’t be able to work nearly as efficiently as we do – and that goes double for the Dashboard project. She really brings it all together.”

Likewise, Jane is equally proud of her team, saying:

“My co-workers are, hand down, my favorite part of what I do every day. Accountability defines who they are, especially Nikhil, which is the secret behind our ability to complete tasks and accomplish goals. That’s what makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. Nikhil is a very, very talented engineer. But what really makes him stand out even more than his technical skills is that he’s so willing to step up, to own projects and tasks, that I know I can count on him every single time without fail. When we were discussing certain aspects of the Dashboard, for example, and how to adjust this or that to meet our clients’ needs, he was able to hear what I was saying, willing to take ownership of each adjustment, and knew what needed to happen to get it done exactly the way the clients meant. I feel fortunate to work alongside him.”

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