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Dynamic Duo Receives the 2nd ‘We Are Harris’ Award

Harris has a team that works so well together, to nominate one without the other would be like leaving jelly off of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Together, these two individuals truly represent the meaning of teamwork.

Please join me in honoring Ben Sundine and Kayla Nickel as the co-recipients of the “We Are Harris” award for their ongoing dedication to our clients and products.

Together Ben and Kayla support 135 go.edustar clients within the Student Information Solutions business unit, based in Wichita, Kansas. Because of their superior product knowledge and the relationships they develop with their clients, their manager consistently receives heartfelt thanks for their dedicated work. Together they answer calls and emails, visit clients on-site, research state reporting requirements, help develop the product roadmap, and conduct webinar and onsite trainings. Ben has worked with Harris for eight years and spent the previous seven years supporting the go.edustar product line prior to acquisition; Kayla has been with Harris for seven years.

The duo received the award based on the core value of Accountability/Responsibility/Ownership. Ben and Kayla both agree that,

“During these times, it’s important to be proactive, because the more we can prepare our clients with solutions, the easier their experience can be, and the smoother their school operations will run.”

Kayla finds that the core value Bad News Does Not Get Better with Time plays a big part in her day when delivering or receiving news that product support is needed. Ben also identifies with the core value of Respect of the Individual because he knows that the client’s time is valuable, as school personnel often wear many hats with few resources for support. Because of this shared perspective, their clients truly appreciate the support that Ben and Kayla offer – especially when they are faced with tasks that come around only once a year.

Both Ben and Kayla describe their roles as being the,

“Front-facing component of Harris School Solutions that runs back-end operations for schools. In some ways it can be compared to custodial work – very important to have it running behind the scenes to ensure that operations are going smoothly for the school.”

They feel fortunate when they get to meet their clients on-site, which gives them a much better understanding of the day-to-day activities and environment.

The two like to have fun with their clients and find job satisfaction when they can make someone’s day better by finding solutions for any issue. Ben and Kayla agree that,

“No matter what your position is at Harris, if you look past just the task at hand and genuinely connect to the prospects, clients, or product on the other side, results will naturally follow.”

Please join me in applauding the outlook and enthusiasm of these two individuals! Our clients are as lucky as we are at Harris to have such a dedicated team to support and enhance our products.

With Sincere Thanks,
Jeannie McClure and the entire Harris Team


About the “We Are Harris” Award
At Harris School Solutions we are thrilled to have some of the most knowledgeable and hardworking employees in the industry as part of our team! The “We Are Harris” Award is to celebrate, recognize and show our appreciation to an individual who exemplifies a particular Harris Core Value.