Harris School Solutions

eTrition: A Clear Choice for East End School District

Harris School Solutions is excited to announce that East End School District in Bigelow, Arkansas has chosen to elevate from its current Meal Tracker cafeteria management system to the cloud-based eTrition solution.

East End School District operates two cafeterias with three serving lines. The district places high emphasis on serving its students in the most efficient manner, while maintaining high standards for customer service. eTrition will give the district the ability to achieve these goals by assuring that there is never any down time at the point-of-sale workstations. eTrition features “safety net” serving which means that serving will continue even in instances of complete network failure.

East End School District is enthusiastic about maintaining its data in the cloud and providing users the ability to access the data from any workstation in the district or outside the district.  Plans are currently in place to go live with eTrition in May 2015.