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Watch your peers explain how eTrition helped them.




What was life like before eTrition?

“With our older system, it would take a little bit for it to pull up and for us to actually process.”Erin Wilkes


“The difficulties we’ve had in the past with software is the lack of the programs communicating between each other.”Tammy Allen


“The program that I had before was not internet or web-based, so you had to go to each building and run off reports that I needed.”Elen Smith



What’s life like after eTrition?

“The best part of implementing eTrition…everything”Tammy Allen


“Everything, I love everything about it, it’s just great. You can not work the whole day without having eTrition up because I see everything that goes on in eTrition, all day long.”Tina Byrd


“We chose eTrition because everything talked to one another – one click of a button would go out and take care of several issues.” Tammy Allen


“Where I used to have to have someone manually doing things, now eTrition does it and sends me an email and I don’t have to think about it.” – Erin Wilkes


“Web-based, I can sit in my office and run off all the reports that I need for each building.”Elen Smith


“They type in a 4-digit code and they are off and it’s just seamless.”Erin Wilkes


What’s your advice for other School Nutrition professionals?

“Go for it. eTrition, Harris Solutions, they’re outstanding. It’s a product you’ll never outgrow. They’re always updating and keeping ahead of the marketplace with features and modules. Tech support is second to none in my opinion. Service after the sale is real important.”Tammy Allen


“They get the job done, basically”Tina Byrd


“I just jumped out there and I did it, and it’s definitely paid off.”Erin Wilkes



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