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Harris School Solutions understands that if you want to lead your district or charter to financial success, your School Finance and School HR offices first need computer software capable of managing your specific schools’ unique demands.

Our software will help you:

  • Save time with innovative, helpful tools like our Employee Self-Service module.
  • Gain confidence by working within a system built to decrease human error and to help keep you compliant and within state regulations.
  • Get the most from your staff by leveraging automation, freeing up personnel to work on the bigger-picture needs.
  • Make more-sound fiscal decisions with all the data you need, integrated across your entire system and organized to give you clear insights.
  • And much more.

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Icon - screen with charts, graphs, and money sign - School Financial Management / ERP Systems

School Financial Management / ERP Systems

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Icon: silhouettes of three people - Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management

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Icon - line graph with magnifying glass over it - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Business Intelligence + Data Analytics

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Icon: Map of U.S. with each state a different shade of green - State-Specific Reporting

State-Specific Reporting

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Icon: Calculator with gears behind it - Activities Accounting and Payment Processing

Activities Accounting + Payment Processing

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Icon: Folder with cursor arrow on it - Digital File Management

Digital File Management

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Icon: Check and pen - Full Back-Office / Payroll Services

Full Back-Office / Payroll Services

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"Harris School Solutions is customer focused and it is clear customer satisfaction is their primary objective. The Harris team is available for questions and problem resolution anytime because they understand the importance of data accuracy. 

Coweta County Schools is a proud client of Harris School Solutions."

- Chris Latimer, Comptroller
Coweta County School System

Unrivaled Assistance

Behind every single Harris School Solutions product is a team of dedicated professional Support individuals, men and women whose sole focus is to work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way for as long as you choose Harris.


  • Experienced, professional trainers, many of whom have worked in schools themselves
  • You choose: on-site or remote training during implementation
  • Hands-on approach to teaching you what you need to know to succeed
  • Will turn you and your entire staff into experts at the software you run



Proactive Support Promise: we don’t make you stop what you’re doing to contact us, check on updates, or troubleshoot problems. Instead, we go the extra mile by regularly reaching out to you with:

  • Updates
  • New solutions
  • User group meetings
  • Ideas
  • Best practices
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • And more

Professional Services

  • Refresher Training
  • New-User Training
  • Assistance Navigating New Laws/Regulations
  • Business Process Review
  • Best Practice Consulting
  • Federal and State Reporting Assistance and Consulting

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