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The Smarter Way to Delegate

Whether you just need someone qualified to cover payroll, or you need a team of diligent experts to run your school’s entire business office, we can help.

When our dedicated personnel join with your in-house team, your school’s back-office work gets done accurately, on-time, and without fail.

It’s the smart way to free up your staff to work on those bigger-picture projects that will really move the needle for your school.

How It Works

Illustration concept of Harris employees sitting at table, with client at head of table and Harris employees taking notes.

Customized Plan

Our team of experienced professionals sits down with you to determine how best to serve your unique school. We can complement your existing staff, free them up for reallocation to more-central tasks, or anything in between, including the popular Payroll-only option.
Harris School Solutions Team

End-to-End Accountability

When our trusted Back-Office team is in charge of a task, we see it through from start to accurate, high-quality finish so you never have to worry about it.

Communication and Collaboration

One Team

The Back-Office team does not operate in a hard-to-reach, separate “silo.” Though we’re not on site, we work hand-in-hand with your existing team as a committed, seamless extension of your school office.

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