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Our online Business Intelligence (BI) software — built specifically for use in Educational institutions — automatically turns your school district’s or charter network’s raw financial data into organized visual representations, including business-style graphs, charts, models, and more.
From these visual data representations, you’re able to easily filter, search, and export the analytics of your choosing, which facilitates performance management.
In other words, our BI system will turn your numbers into compelling, clear insights that show the real story of your finances.




laptop screen with bar graph showing drill-down information for expenditure cost per square foot

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This transformation of numeric data into workable visuals allows school Financial departments to present important analytics and insights to school boards and agencies in a clear, easily understandable visual experience, all within one connected system.
Plus, these graphical insights can be presented in a view-only format to ensure the data’s integrity, accuracy, and security.
By working from clear insights, you and your team will be able to determine, easily, the obvious best path forward.

line graph on a tablet screen showing YTD Expenditures to Avg Monthly Budget

line graph on tablet screen showing YTD Revenues to Avg Monthly Budget

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In addition to all of the financial management tools within our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, our BI system adds a combined 19 types of business metrics, called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including 13 General Ledger modules and 6 Payroll modules.
With access to these metrics in visual form, you will be able to track progress and make necessary adjustments in order to keep moving the needle for your school toward your financial goals.

Desktop screen showing screenshot of payroll analysis broken down by area and by fund type

Business Intelligence (BI) for Schools: What It Is and Why It Matters


Need a primer on BI for schools? Look no further.

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BI Primer

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