Consistent Software Solutions for Divergent Document Journeys

Whether it starts as a hard copy or a digital file, each document carries its own set of your expectations and needs.
Harris School Solutions provides configurable digital file solutions that meet the needs of your team, your departments, and your school, no matter what your processes demand.

With our comprehensive document lifecycle management solutions, you will be able to:

  • Work smoothly together on documents, between teammates or across departments.
  • Digitize hard copies easily and without manual entry.
  • Automate every process seamlessly, including all your school board agenda needs.
  • Organize and track files consistently, right down to past and new versions.
  • Take advantage of new technology approaches, such as one-click custom form creation.
  • Blaze complex paths confidently for document approvals.

Key Benefits of Our Digital File Management Solutions

Collaborate faster.

Our digital file management system saves you an immense amount of time by allowing you to work on a document the moment your teammate is finished updating it, instead of relying on them to remember to pass the document on to you in the middle of a busy workday. That means your entire team will get tasks and projects done much more quickly.
This versioning control also ensures that you’re working with the most up-to-date information, and lets you revert to a previous version if something comes up.

Illustration concept of two people at separate desks working on same file

Illustration concept side-by-side of same woman, left side with stack of paper in front of her, right side smiling with no paper

Get (and stay) organized.

Another way you’ll save time with our digital file management system is through organization.
The system keeps you incredibly well organized by allowing you to tag documents for quick searching, or perform advanced searches by keyword found in a given document, whether that keyword is part of the file title or is located deeper within the document.
Just imagine your workday without long, painful searches for that one file you need, the one that’s either buried in a filing cabinet or on someone else’s desk. In fact, imagine walking into your new, spacious office and not even seeing a filing cabinet!

Improve security.

Contrary to what some may believe, using digital documents is actually far more, not less, secure than relying on paper documents.
With paper documents, who knows which team members are getting their hands on which documents?
Our digital file management system, on the other hand, comes with built-in tiered security, giving you complete control over who on your team has access to what data. Simply assign each user the access level you deem appropriate. Then, you’ll know exactly what information that team member can and cannot see.
You can even create folders just for auditors to ensure they get all the information they need and none of the data they don’t.

Illustration concept of tiered access security system by name of employee.

Available Digital File Management Solutions

Manage your files smarter today.






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