You’re not a generalized financial professional — you’re a school financial professional.


Can the same be said about the software you’re using?


Every Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that Harris School Solutions offers is…

  • Designed specifically for use in school offices.
  • Built by men and women who have extensive experience working with schools, and often have previously worked in schools themselves.
  • Supported by teams that take pride in knowing they’re not just helping “software users”: they’re helping you to keep your Education institution running smoothly.

But we don’t just design and build software for school financial management.

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We optimize our financial software solutions for your school.

Built-In Reports

Our reports come pre-built into our ERPs and match the exact specifications your school needs based on which county and state you’re in, whether you’re a charter or public school, and more.

Flexible Processes

Our ERPs give you the ability to adjust and tailor processes within the system to fit the way you and your team feel most comfortable working.

Responsive Support

If ever something isn’t working for your team, we listen to your feedback and work hard to implement changes and innovations that make a real difference in your day-to-day work.

“...HSS has a great relationship with the state DOE, and they’re very willing to create what we need... for any kind of DOE requirements. It just makes our life a lot easier whenever it’s at our fingertips in the system instead of having to create it from scratch.”

— Amy Hagner
Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations

Choose from our line of tailored ERP solutions below.

Straightforward ERP

Robust ERP

Finance/SIS Combination ERP

Finance/HR Combination ERP

Business Management ERP

New York ERP

What is ERP software? (And Why Your School Needs It)


Need a primer on ERP software? Look no further.

Click the button below to read our blog article that explains everything you need to know about school Enterprise Resource Planning systems.


ERP Primer

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Get the ERP that fits your school perfectly.





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