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Seamlessly Connect All of Your School’s Data

When you bring more people into your process and empower them to handle tasks, you save yourself time and energy.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems each come with their own HR module that lets you do just that.

By integrating HR, financial (payroll/accounting), time-and-attendance, and all the other data you need at the central office across a single system, all updated in real-time, you and your team can work quickly and easily across departments without having to wait for the data to update or go get physical papers from other teams and manually update your own separate software.

Empower Your Employees with Self Service.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Professional Development modules empower your team members to take control of not only their own information, but also their own professional growth.

With employees managing their W2s/W4s, leave requests, and much more, your team will field fewer calls and inquiries and instead can focus on the important HR work that only they are qualified to do.

Adding accountability and security to the process, you can easily understand and follow every piece of information because the system was designed so that all data starts and ends at the source: the employee portal.

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