Pre-Built to Match Your State’s Exact Specifications

Each of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems comes loaded with the precise reports your particular school district or charter network needs, built in.
Our team of developers works closely with each school, as well as with your county and state organizations and agencies, to make sure our software has the exact data fields, in the correct format, that you need in order to comply with your authorizer, county, state, and federal requirements and regulations.



Illustration concept of side-by-side reports from state and from school, matching each other.

Integrated Into Your ERP for Easy, Accurate Data-Loading

Since these custom, compliant school reports are built into the ERP software, your financial data will load instantly into the proper report fields with just a click of a button.
By removing manual data entry — and the errors that go along with it — you will experience a whole new level of confidence when you submit your reports.


Illustration concept with different-colored icons being dragged and dropped onto pre-defined fields on laptop screen.

Flexibly Configurable to Ease Your Day-to-Day Work

Even with many of the reports you need pre-built into the system, there always will be more reports you want to pull. It’s inevitable.
Fortunately, our software makes that simple to do.
While other software systems rely on set-in-stone reports that are difficult or impossible to change, our reports operate on a system of flexible grids. These grids allow you to filter data and effortlessly configure or adjust reports as needed.

Enhanced Reporting

In addition to the outstanding, flexible reporting that comes standard within all of our ERP software, Enhanced Reporting modules are available for select ERP systems.
Enhanced Reporting capabilities make it even easier to:
  • Understand better: Turn any of your flexible, filtered grids into a visual chart for quicker insight.
  • Work faster: Save charts and their custom settings to your home dashboard, by user, for on-going, real-time views of the actionable intelligence that matters to you in your role.
  • Collaborate smarter: Re-format exports of any and all data so it’s readable by any external software used by other departments.

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