Harris School Solutions Partners with identiMetrics for Increased Security and Accuracy

Powerful Biometric Tool Provides Peace of Mind

Rocklin, CA – Harris School Nutrition Solutions (Harris), the premier provider of nutrition software in the K-12 market, has recently partnered with biometrics producer, identiMetrics, to provide high quality finger scanners, software and services.  identiMetrics provides a cost-effective and accurate replacement for swipe-card readers, barcode readers, and PIN pads allowing schools and school districts to increase accountability, improve operations and boost security.

Widely recognized as the leader in K-12 school nutrition technology, Harris’ flagship web-based solution, eTrition, will now partner with identiMetrics to incorporate finger scanning biometrics into the point-of-sale. The identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System™ provides a solid fit with its easy-to-use product, and its seamless integration with eTrition requires no additional software customization.

Scott A. Schollenberger, Executive Vice President of Harris School Nutrition Solutions, notes “Harris is committed to providing the most effective and efficient resources to our districts, and we are certain that identiMetrics will prove to be a successful, long-term partnership.This partnership brings our districts a proven finger biometrics solution.”

Developed by school nutritionists, eTrition incorporates decades of user experience to focus on ease-of-use and customization, ensuring real-time information is available online at any time from any computer. With the identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System™, districts are assured that cafeteria lines move quickly and records are both accurate and audit-able. With the biometric scan, student names appear automatically and there is no need to remember a PIN. Students touch their fingers to the scanner and they’re done!

Raymond J. Fry, President and Chief Executive Officer of identiMetrics said,” We are excited with the partnership between identiMetrics and Harris School Solutions. As a former school Principal, I understand the administrative challenges that schools face every day, especially when it comes to accurately identifying students. Our ID system was specially designed by educators to meet the unique needs of schools.I am proud to lead a company with a team that has both developed award winning technology and is passionate about world-class support and service. I personally guarantee that every experience with identiMetrics will be exceptional.”

About Harris School Solutions

Harris School Solutions provides a variety of software solutions for the public school market. Developed by school nutritionists, its eTrition program incorporates 40+ years of K-12 user experience into an integrated web-based nutrition solution. Focused on ease of use and customization, real-time information is available at any time from any computer.

Modules can be tailored to provide efficient workflows, flexibility, and to meet major reporting requirements. Authorized staff can input, retrieve, share, and analyze student, financial, and nutritional data and manage Free and Reduced Meal applications www.EZMealApp.Com and online payments through www.EZSchoolPay.com .

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About identiMetrics

identiMetrics, Inc., a privately held company headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA, is the leader in the development and marketing of biometric finger scanning identification solutions for schools.identiMetrics provides the only biometric ID system designed by educators specifically for the unique needs of schools.The identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System™ provides a cost-effective and accurate replacement for swipe-card readers, barcode readers, and PIN pads allowing schools and school districts to increase accountability, improve operations and boost security.identiMetrics was selected by District Administration Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products for 2013 and 2014.identiMetrics is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge http://studentprivacypledge.org/

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