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Harris School Solutions Partners With Method Test Prep to Benefit Students

Bethel Park, PA — Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and continuing education programs across North America, has partnered with Method Test Prep (MTP), provider of industry-leading online programs for ACT preparation and SAT preparation.

In teaming with the New York based company, HSS now is able to supplement its product offerings with MTP’s proven system for improving student performance on the standardized tests that are required as part of their respective admissions processes.

According to Jeannie McClure, Executive Vice President of HSS’ Student Information Solutions (SIS) unit:

“Both Harris School Solutions and Method Test Prep are very pleased with this collaboration because both companies see it as a way to accomplish a shared goal: to help students succeed. That’s our focus, and this partnership is a big step toward achieving the goal, together.”

Frank McWilliams, Senior Vice President for MTP, agreed with McClure, adding:

“This [partnership] really came together perfectly. It was obvious as soon as we started talking to the folks over at HSS how passionate everyone over there is about making a real difference for the students and in Education in general. We feel exactly the same way, so when we all got together, everyone in the room knew we needed to make something happen here.”

Harris School Solutions already has begun promoting Method Test Prep’s SAT and ACT preparation courses to its clients. The courses, which, to date, have been taken by some 16,000 students, have produced for participants a 110-point average increase in SAT scores and a 3-point average increase in ACT scores.

To learn more about this product, visit HSS’ Method Test Prep product page.



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Method Test Prep (MTP), Inc., operates methodtestprep.com, which offers industry-leading online programs for ACT preparation and SAT preparation.


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