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Harris School Solutions Unveils EZSchoolLunch Interactive App

Harris School Solutions now offers the interactive “EZSchoolLunch” app, a tool that boosts participation by getting students as engaged with School Nutrition programs as they are with social media.

Bethel Park, PA — Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and continuing education programs across North America, has begun selling its latest innovation, an interactive School Nutrition app called, “EZSchoolLunch.”

The app uses emojis, meal ratings, and other fun features to get students as engaged with their School Nutrition program as they are with social media. Based on these ratings, the school then can use analytics to plan their menus better by including items the students enjoy more, helping to boost participation levels.

According to Dean Rallo, Executive Vice President of HSS’ School Nutrition Solutions (SNS) unit,

“EZSchoolLunch is so well thought out and simple, yet provides powerful, otherwise-unavailable analytical information for the school. The combination of a mobile app for the students, a website and analytics for the school, and the communication of information that can be displayed on the digital signage in the cafeteria truly does make lunch time interactive.”

Additionally, EZSchoolLunch lets Food Service directors customize their cafeterias’ digital signs with school colors and logos, as well as to update menus, from anywhere with internet access, with real-time announcements promoting new initiatives. These scrolling messages will be displayed automatically to students with the app as well as on all the school’s digital signs.

EZSchoolLunch also features a carb counter, which allows school nurses or parents to look at the menu items being served and easily calculate nutritional information such as total fat, sugars, or sodium levels consumed by a student that day. Students also can use the tool before ordering to assist in selecting and understanding the overall nutritional value of a meal beforehand.

Other health-related features include easy-to understand allergy icons and straightforward nutritional values for each meal.

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