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HSS, CAROCP Launch College and Career Dashboard to Promote Sustainable CTE Funding

Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and CTE and Adult Education programs across North America, together with the Association of Career and College Readiness Organizations (CAROCP), announced today the launch of the California CTE College and Career Indicator Dashboard.

The initiative is designed to produce highly skilled workforce candidates across California, through Career Technical Education (CTE), in order to fill the already-abundant jobs for which qualified candidates otherwise wouldn’t exist.

The California CTE College and Career Indicator Dashboard is a collaborative data-analysis project sponsored by 11 CTE Pilot Sites representing the CAROCP Data and Accountability Committee. The CTE Dashboard, showcasing College and Career Indicators from the 2015-16 school year, includes approximately 50,000 students with 62,500 CTE course enrollments, supported by more than 3,000 businesses in the local community.

Data highlighted in Year One of the project includes CTE Enrollment, Career Pathway Completion, Annual Job Openings, and more than 3,000 Local Businesses supporting CTE. CAROCP expects to expand the scope of this project through 2018 by adding further key data points such as Work-Based Learning and Post-Secondary Placement, along with expanding the number of CTE programs involved in the Dashboard initiative.

According to CAROCP President Charlie Hoffman, Superintendent of Shasta-Trinity Regional Occupational Program (ROP), “This is an exciting breakthrough, not just for employment in California, but for all of CTE. As we speak, we’re gathering and organizing the data that’s going to get to the core of one of the major problems behind the unemployment epidemic that pervades the entire country. Telling the CTE story using outcomes-based data will help direct workforce candidates to the specific areas of training they need in order to qualify for the many job openings currently available in high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers.”

VP of HSS’ Specialized Student Solutions Kathy Ritch, who led the project to create the Dashboard software solution, explained the technology’s functionality, saying, “The Data Dashboard provides a means for aggregating and organizing data sets related both to students, who are the future job seekers, and to the market into which they’ll be entering, and then ‘connecting the dots,’ so to speak. This will show how CTE programs are collecting and analyzing real-world data in order to make data-driven decisions about the courses and curriculum being offered to help students succeed.”

CAROCP superintendents and CTE leaders from across California are slated to meet with State Congressional members this week in Sacramento to request ongoing, sustainable funding for CTE to address the ongoing workforce demands of our local business and industry community and to share the message that we can collect viable CTE data outcomes using the newly created Data Dashboard.

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CAROCP represents more than 50 career- and college-readiness organizations across California. The group’s members have an over-40-year history of maximizing opportunities for students to develop career goals and to achieve marketable skills through local and regional delivery of career technical education programs that lead to college and careers.

The 11 CTE pilot sites (serving 54 districts) participating in year one of the multi-year CAROCP Dashboard initiative include Baldy View ROP, Coastline ROP, Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa ROP, East San Gabriel ROP, Eden Area ROP, La Puente Valley ROP, Metropolitan Education District, Mission Valley ROP, San Bernardino ROP, Tri-Cities ROP and Tri-Valley ROP.


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