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HSS Continues Innovation with 2 Convenient New School Nutrition Solutions

Credit card POS payments and inventory scanning will be available soon.

Easley, S.C. – Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and continuing education programs across North America, is adding to its recent series of innovations with two more tools that are expected to increase convenience: one for parents and one for School Nutrition employees.

Both innovations come by way of eTrition, HSS’ school nutrition management software system.

POS Credit Card Payments

The first new innovation is that students, or more likely parents, will be able to pay for meals at the point of sale (POS) with credit cards. This function is particularly helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic because it allows parents who are picking up curbside “grab-and-go” meals to pay on the spot, even if they have forgotten to pre-purchase meal credits or add money to their account beforehand.

Other POS systems still strictly require cash or pre-paid nutrition account funds in order to make purchases.

This modification builds on an earlier cutting-edge HSS School Nutrition function that enables parents to easily and quickly purchase multi-day curbside pickup orders and allows nutrition staff to enter all those meals with a single button click. Other POS systems, meanwhile, require employees to enter those meals one after another, even if they’re for the same order, slowing down the process significantly.

Inventory Scanning

The second innovation HSS will offer to School Nutrition employees is a scanning solution that immediately and effortlessly updates inventory counts in eTrition.

HSS already provides scanners for items in the lunch line, but now those same scanners can be used in the warehouse and for transfers between buildings, such as shipments from a central kitchen to serving locations.

With expanded scanning capabilities, School Nutrition employees will be able to update inventory counts faster and more accurately. Additionally, School Food Service Directors will be able to keep a closer eye on supplies as they move throughout the district, with less effort and less time spent. That will open the door for streamlining the entire School Nutrition program.

The POS credit card payment functionality and the inventory scanning capability are both expected to be released a little later this fall to eTrition users.

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