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HSS Launches New Contactless Solution for Managing School Transportation

EZBusPass is the contactless school transportation application, payment, and processing software solution built for “the new normal.”

Boulder, Colo. – Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and continuing education programs across North America, has announced the launch of its latest school solution, EZBusPass.

EZBusPass is a complete digital solution that enables parents and students to conveniently apply and pay for bus passes, and makes processing those applications and payments organized and easy for school employees.

This latest innovation from HSS comes in response to current health and safety concerns and the logistical challenges they are causing.

According to Melissa Irick, an Executive Vice President with Harris School Solutions:

“With the emphasis this year on minimizing contact, not just with one another but with shared physical items such as paper, schools face a wide range of new and unique challenges. We’ve been diligent in evaluating those obstacles and finding creative ways to adapt our solutions to help schools overcome them. School transportation applications now pose a risk where they didn’t last year, so we developed EZBusPass to meet the need.”

The new software solution allows the school to customize its transportation application questionnaire in order to easily replicate its current process, but in a contact-free way. Parents can then apply online quickly and easily, right from their phones or other internet-connected devices. Once applications are submitted, the school can approve or deny them in a centralized, cloud-based portal. Then, the school can send approval/denial notifications directly to parents. This same function gives schools the ability to send invitations to apply in the first place, as well as any other customized communications. Finally, EZBusPass makes it simple and safe for parents to submit payment for transportation services and even print a temporary bus pass, complete with the school’s design on it, right from their homes.

For more information about EZBusPass:

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