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HSS Launches New Product: NextGen Business Intelligence

NextGen BI is available now.

Harris School Solutions (HSS) announced today the launch of its newest product, NextGen BI.

NextGen BI — short for Business Intelligence — is the web-based software program that automatically combines the financial management tools of a user’s current NextGen system with new visual representations of school districts’ raw data.

In order to design and build the business-intelligence software to meet the specific needs of schools and school districts, HSS worked alongside Alabama’s State Department of Education and the executive director of AASBO. The company also solicited input from its own NextGen clients to ensure continuity for any users wishing to integrate NextGen BI into their current NextGen software system.

While the system is built specifically for use in Educational institutions, NextGen BI automatically turns the school district’s raw financial data into organized business-style graphs, charts, models, and more. From these visuals, users are able to easily filter, search, and export the information of their choosing, which facilitates performance management. Month-over-month comparisons are just one example of the system’s many easy-analysis capabilities.

This transformation of numeric data into workable visuals allows school Financial departments to present important insights to school boards and agencies in a clear, easily understandable visual experience, all within one connected system. These graphical insights can be presented in a view-only format to ensure the data’s integrity, accuracy, and security.

In addition to all of the financial management tools of NextGen, NextGen BI adds a combined 19 types of business metrics, called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including:

  • 13 General Ledger modules
  • 6 Payroll modules
For more information on integrating NextGen BI into your current NextGen software, fill out the form below to contact Harris School Solutions.