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HSS School Nutrition Solutions Launches eTrition “Idea Portal”

The new feature allows users across the country to submit ideas for enhancements, vote on others’ ideas, and have their voices heard more directly than ever.

Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and continuing education programs across North America, has launched a new “Idea Portal” within its eTrition School Nutrition management software.

The Idea Portal, accessible within the eTrition tool using a convenient “Feedback” button, allows users to submit ideas for new features and enhancements to be made to the system. All Idea Portal users can view and vote for the ideas they would like to see implemented into eTrition.

From there, members of HSS’ eTrition team – from Research and Development to Support and more – regularly review all ideas and consider each idea’s number of votes in determining which to implement into eTrition.

Andrew Jordan, Vice President of Research and Development for HSS’ School Nutrition Solutions (SNS) unit, spearheaded the effort to adopt this new feature, following its success for the company’s School Financial Solutions (FINS) unit. To date, FINS has implemented 45 ideas that came directly from clients.

Says Jordan, “Our clients are really our guide. We’re always looking for ways to tap into their needs and to understand their daily work as clearly and deeply as possible. That desire to constantly improve the day-to-day work of the men and women who use our solutions is what drives us. Now, we have a way to hear from those men and women directly.

Not only do users now have a more direct line of communication to effect change, the Idea Portal gives the SNS team a structured system for ensuring their development efforts are aimed at the most helpful solutions that improve the software for the largest number of clients.

As Jordan puts it, “Our clients get to make their voices heard, and we get to serve more of them, more efficiently. The Idea Portal is an incredibly useful tool for everyone.”

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