Harris School Solutions

Improve Digital Instruction with Surveys to Staff and Families

eWalk, a Harris School Solutions product, is proud to introduce a way to help school leaders obtain and use feedback to drive planning. As an innovator in providing data collection and decision-making tools to principals and other school leaders, eWalk is offering a new tool for getting the feedback you need to support digital learning. The software is free through July 31st because eWalk wants school leaders to have powerful tools that are simple to use.

eWalk created a series of pre-built survey templates tailored to teachers, parents, and students.  Each survey asks questions specific to that group about how they are experiencing online instruction. People can answer all the items within a few minutes on mobile devices. Most of the survey questions only require the participant to choose a value, such as “never,” “sometimes,” or “always.” Simplicity and mobile access encourage a high rate of participation. Each survey also allows leaving additional feedback to elicit more information about what people are thinking and feeling. Participants fill out the survey anonymously, so you can trust that you are getting honest responses.

Once completed, eWalk aggregates the data into reports and visual graphs, which you can share with anyone you choose, via PDF or online software. The reports will help you and your leadership team create an effective action plan to address the needs of teachers, students, and families.

How the Surveys Solve a Common Problem

How confident does your staff feel about teaching online? What frustrates them? What technology challenges are families encountering with remote learning? How are students handling this change socially and emotionally? Do you know how to best support your school community?

You are not alone if you are attempting to answer these questions, based on the voices of a few vocal individuals. To help each person feel connected and valued, you need quality feedback from teachers, parents, and students. Without input from many people in various roles, supporting your learning community may feel like navigating across a desert without a map. Many school leaders struggle to get the feedback they need to drive their planning and instruction even with in-person education. During remote learning, evaluating needs requires online tools and deliberate planning.

Many principals have found that online surveys are the best solution for gathering feedback. However, creating a survey that is easy to take and delivers the right information takes time. Aggregating the data into helpful information takes additional time. Few school leaders currently have the necessary resources to create and send a high-quality survey and then aggregate the data.

The software eliminates the headache out of transforming the responses into usable pieces of information. That means you can focus on creating an action plan that drives instruction and supports your school’s community.

Call 1-888-722-9990 or visit https://www.media-x.com/contact/ to gain access to this new tool.