Harris School Solutions

Kathy Ritch brings years of expertise to the newly formed Harris Specialized Student Solutions

Harris School Solutions has found an experienced leader to oversee the newly acquired ClassMates product, as well as the flagship AIM product, both which are designed for unique education environments. We are thrilled to welcome Kathy Ritch as the Executive Vice President of Harris Specialized Student Solutions; she is a renowned leader in understanding unique school environments and providing data management solutions that benefit students, parents, instructors and administrators. Prior to joining Harris, Kathy was with ClassLink LLC, where she worked with school leaders to develop award-winning products. She was also founder/CEO of SofTEQ Communications, which provided career and technical schools with marketing strategies and professional development, combined with information technology.

Kathy will be located in Bath, Pennsylvania and will oversee a team of dedicated Harris education experts who will work closely with Career, Technical, Adult, Alternative Education, Special Education and Vocational Rehabilitation organizations to ensure success for students, parents and administrators. Welcome Kathy!